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11222590_10154196952837738_538314698594059492_o 2THE NATURAL LAWS OF SELLING by best-selling author, Daniel Jacobs now available as soft-cover edition. This is a personally signed, first edition copy, now available for purchase from the author directly.

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“The beauty of what Dan prescribes in “The Natural Laws of Selling” is, as he said himself, the fact that the principles are simple.  The book is like a smack in the forehead.  It really gets to the heart of the matter that selling, and really business in general, is all about dealing with people.  Actually, Dan is pulling one over on us by calling this a book about selling.  What he is shining the light on in this book goes well beyond selling, and anyone, in any position, in any industry will benefit from what he discusses.” – Keith Melnick, President, KAYAK, Inc.

NATURAL LAWS RULE!The title of the book could well have been, “The Natural Laws of Life” as the basic principles of how to sell apply equally well to how to live your life. – M. Darooge

I’ve been selling on a professional level for over 35 years in a number of fields with success and I’ve studied and read a fair amount of books and data on the subject. I’ve found a refreshed attitude from reading this book and a renewed purpose in providing the best service to my clients that I possibly can.

Because selling is essentially being of service to your public when you follow “The Natural Laws of Selling”. I do know there is nothing mystical about selling and this book shows very clearly that there are basics to selling and these are the natural laws that underlie any technique. When you isolate these and apply them you’ll have greater success. This book gives you these natural laws while stripping you of some of the false and unworkable information you may have collected along your selling career. – CGW, sales manager


For those of you who don’t know, Dan Jacobs, along with being a great trumpet player and fine flute player, has actually been a sales guru in real life. He sent me a slew of outstanding reviews for his new book, “The Natural Laws of Selling,” which is not just about selling things. It is about how to live your life and treat people with respect. It is a very easy read and is organized in a way you can pick it up at any point and find some sort of simple revelation that seems so profound and yet you haven’t made that connection until you read it. I am proud to have had a small part in getting this book made. – Geoff Winstead, Musician, Author


You know immediately when something rings true. This is a well written, easily understood work which points anyone involved in sales in the right direction. Review of the basics, even for a “pro,” can act to allow for a re-evaluation of the importances connected with effective selling.

Why? Because even at the level of professional sports the basics are repeated time and again. That’s why they call it practice! The end of learning happens when you already know it all already!! A wise old saying goes something like this: “The number of times you go through and cover the correct materials will yield the greatest certainty and the best possible results.”

Here is the correct selling data set out as natural law: it is just a matter of reading, understanding and of application and refinement. For anyone who is selling I can only say buy and read this book and you will become a better salesman, which means monetary rewards – the name of the game.
J. A. Director, AAS LLC

Excellent Book!!!

Without reservation, I heartily recommend this book! Great read and tool for all and very insightful. Looking forward to Dan Jacob’s next masterpiece. – Keyanus J., Corporate Executive Assistant, Nikon, Inc.


I am half way through the book and have decided to buy a copy for each of my sales reps in Nashville. I have really been encouraged in many areas I already do – and fallen short and challenged in places we can improve. We had one of the best discussions with our staff I can remember. All of them have been with me for over 25 years. It is exciting to see what we have done – and so exhilarating to know there much more we can do. Thank you for the mountain of work you have put into this. – Randy Vader


“The Natural Laws of Selling” simplifies the process of selling better than anyone I know. It takes the dread out and put the wins in. – Jenny Gummersal, Fine Artist, photographer

The Best Selling Tool Ever!

Just reading the Overview sent chills up and down my spine. I did sales ver successfully for years when I worked for a major corporation, but I never did I put what I did altogether into a technology of selling as Dan Jacobs has…”natural laws”, of course…the way to success is not an accident nor is it something newly invented…it happens for a reason. Dan is a successful professional consultant who decided to codify what he has observed over years of experience. This selling technology is a must for anyone who wants to create a positive effect on his own life and on the lives of others. – Angelyn Arcaro, Consultant


I really like the book. IT WORKS! You’ve created a valuable resource for anyone seeking to make a better life for themselves. – Rod Jacobs, musician

I really enjoy reading things that seem so obvious once I see it – yet – I never thought of it before. The Natural Laws of Selling is one of those books that makes me nod my head and exhale slowly . . . . body language for “of course”. – Randy Vader, C.E.O. Praisegathering Music Group


This book is, quite surprisingly, not just for those who work as salesmen or women. The basic ‘laws’ he talks about are universal in relationships of any kind. It’s quite amazing actually. I am married to the author and I always wondered why he got paid the big bucks to be a consultant with these international companies. Now I know! He had me read the book for basic editing and oh my, I found myself looking at so many different aspects of my life that it was kind of crazy. I remember all the bad and good sales people I’d run into. I thought about what it means to have a sale on line and what part customer service plays in the sales process. I thought about my own art work and what I’ve been doing wrong and right about selling it. I thought about my kids and friends and realized that when I’d had some sort of upset or weird thing happen it was because I’d violated some of those same basic laws that apply to sales. It is almost weird. But if you think about it, sales is really just providing a product or service in a way that everyone wins. All life is kind of like that! You ask you kid to take out the trash and if he balks, you’ve just violated one of those laws. Pretty interesting stuff of life! Buy it.. I think you will get your money’s worth for sure!!! And more! – Myrna Jacobs, photographer, fine artist


Dan’s Natural Laws of Selling is a tour de force in the area of selling and human relations. Reducing workablitity into observable laws is no small feat. Dan has accomplished this with his usual style and wisdom. The book is well designed and flows from one key topic to another. I enjoyed it immensely. Very Well done – J.Newell, Life Consultant


The Natural Laws of Selling is a fantastic book overall written by a truly inspiring author. Daniel Jacobs undertook an investigation to determine the fundamental principles and basic principles underlying all selling. The book itself is written with inspiration, dedication and overall simplicity; in the fact that all terms are explained and you can pick it up, drop it and come back another day to read a chapter.

This is because all chapters are covering a different area, to explain this further I didn’t even read it from start to finish; I read some at the start, then the end and went back in to the middle. That is how the book flows and it is truly unique, it has something for everyone even if you are a true beginner or a professional, it will help you to break through the next plateau of sales results and stability. The book is oriented towards real life and those who want to improve quality of life and their career. For me personally, I can say it has actually started working and the results I have created from taking aspects of this book in my own hands are astounding.

We all know that selling is a hard business, but Jacobs makes it simple. For example “the most effective way to get people to trust you is to first trust yourself” is a really great principle, not just for sales – but for life too! The book covers methods of selling that have been tried and tested, shows which ones would fail if they did not align with the natural laws of selling. It gives great tips and advice on sales, companies, people, life and possibly yourself! To summarize what is required to succeed in selling in just four points is an incredible achievement.

Overall, this book has already started changing my career and parts of my life by following some of the simple snippets of advice. It is easy to read, the author really does relate to the audience and I would definitely recommend this to anyone – even if you are not in the sales industry. – D. Halilic


Rarely does any book present a new way of thinking, especially about the field of sales. But this is such a book; presenting a fresh new approach to the science and art of selling. It is based on an exciting, new discovery of how to harnesses the raw power of the unchanging Natural Laws Of Selling.

The premise of this book is simple and straightforward: Acting in accordance with the natural laws of selling can increase your personal power in all areas of your life, especially in selling. Simply stated: Mastering the fundamentals is always senior to the endless accumulation of techniques. Once you know WHY a sale takes place, and start to understand HOW the inner workings of the selling process really work, stress and failures are replaced by confidence and results.

Techniques and methods of selling are limited only by your imagination once you understand the basic principles. And these natural laws are definitely worth knowing, as they are the driving force behind all selling, no matter what method or technique is being used. Why not save time and energy (and see better results) by aligning your methods with the basic principles of selling in the first place? For one thing, you won’t ever have to resort to forcing the customer again, a concept rooted in one of the most important natural laws in all selling: “force creates resistance.”

The answers are all there, waiting for you to unleash their power. By harnessing the strength of these basic principles, one can generate an intensity that compelling persuasive in selling anything.” May 2014


The “Natural Laws of Selling” is an outstanding contribution to the science of the sales process. It is a “one of a kind” reference comparable to no other reference on the Internet or elsewhere. If you cannot find what you are looking for in the world of sales in this compendium it probably doesn’t exist.

The underlying sub-rosa of the psychological connectivity to the sales process is obvious in this work as witnessed by his understanding, presentation and penetration into the human psyche as it relates to all selling. If what he brings in terms of knowledge, experience and contribution does not bridge the gap of human understanding, such will not be bridged. Your understanding, keenness of thought and sensitivity about the human process and how it contributes to the successful involvement in relationships between people is unprecedented.  I am obviously a big fan of this writing and will applaud any efforts to help mankind better understand the inner workings of the human potential. – Professor B.F.Brown, Esq.,


The “Natural Laws of Selling” is truly awesome, It has a way of rephrasing essential truths that really penetrates. There is a big void “out there” that this book fills perfectly. – Cary Kilner, Ph.D., Educator


Author Dan Jacobs really hits the nail on the head with this book. His actual discovery of the “Natural Laws of Selling: is extremely valuable and shines a spotlight of truth on how you can use them to genuinely change how you approach sales.

The way Dan has written this book makes it so easy to understand it allows you to quickly read and “make-it-your-own” – so that you really get the concepts in a way you can use them. Once you grasp these simple, common sense principles you will find yourself realizing just how you can use them every day. I would recommend this book, not just to people who sell for a living, but when you think about it we “sell” ourselves every day of our life, so knowing the basics can help you become more successful in not only situations where you are actually “selling” but in our interpersonal relations on a daily basis. – J. Gordon, Sales Executive

Selling is fascinating!

I was always fascinated with the selling process and how a good sales person can sell anything to anyone at any given moment. There is a lot of psychology involved and understanding the principles behind it can truly change lives! I’m just starting my online business and I’m still learning about different parts of it but selling is of course one of the pillars of any business. ‘The Natural Laws of Selling’ by Daniel Jacobs is a very well written and easy to understand book and I’m very happy that I got it. Now I have a much better understanding of the whole selling process and will definitely apply the lessons to my online business. A+++ – Christina Rosa

Great Read!

I recommend this book to anybody over the 16 who are wanting to learn about selling and about life, in general. While reading this book I gained a lot more information and skills to apply to what I already do; sell. However; the concepts can be applied to your everyday life that don’t have to do with selling. For example: One of the life concepts that stuck out to me the most was that “80% of success is done by just showing up”. Which is why I stated earlier that I think this book is for anybody young kid who has an interest in business, because selling is the foundation. This is a really good read if you’re looking to better your life. 5 stars! – Nathan L.


This book gives both novices and experts tools to exceed. Well written, easily comprehended, highly recommend for both individuals in the sales field and for those wanting to excel. – L. Theodore, Former Church Administrator


I just started reading the Kindle version of your book. I’m barely into it and find it’s chocked full of wisdom and actionable advice. – Ron Morris


Having spent 5 years a Realtor and 7 years at automobile dealerships as a closer, I feel that I am uniquely qualified to say that this is a great book!!! – Larry Meregillano, trumpet artist and author of “A Trumpet Legacy”


The Common Denominator

Posted in Sales and Life on May 7, 2013 by Daniel Jacobs

dan in 2006 final b&w small

There are times when we all need a gentle reminder of what is really important. This is one of those times. And it’s been hiding in plain sight all along.

Here’s a hint: What is the common denominator of all sales activities?

As with all basic truths, the answer is simple but powerful.

Success in selling can be traced to the correct application of the natural laws of selling. But, even when known, these basic principles are sometimes not used to full advantage.

You don’t even need to know all the laws to increase your sales. Mastering even one of them can dramatically increase your sales closing ratio. Because when your sales methods and techniques are supported by these time-honored principles, you begin to harness the intensity and power of natural laws.

Here’s an example: If your purpose in selling is only to make money, you’ll run into problems. Why? Because one of the natural laws is this: attention follows attention.

So, if your attention while selling is only to relieve the stress of your money problems, don’t be surprised when the customer comes up with a problem about money. Because attention follows attention, stress creates stress, and worry generates more worry.

Bluntly, if your primary reason for selling is only for your own personal gain, you’re aiming at the wrong target.

Instead, why not align your attention and efforts to giving better service and improving value to the customer?  At least then you’ll have their agreement on what you’re trying to do.

If you ask yourself “How can I add value to my customer today?” before each sales call, your attitude will naturally adjust to the right goal.

And you’ll start hitting the bulls eye more often with far less effort.

daniel jacobs
(c) 2013, all rights reserved

A New Way Of Thinking

Posted in Sales and Life on January 4, 2013 by Daniel Jacobs

thIts been said that the profession of selling is going to need a new way of thinking if it is to survive.

This book, “The Natural Laws of Selling” accomplishes this objective in three important ways:

  1. 1. It reveals the answer to failed tactics, ineffective methods, and unworkable techniques of selling.
  1. 2. It exposes flawed thinking, which has masked the solution to this problem for too long in the sales profession.
  1. 3. It opens the door to increased understanding of the overall sales process and provides a proven route to help build understanding, confidence and results.

The reason this problem has remained undiscovered for so long is simple: The solution was hiding in plain sight.

In other words, even when suggested, the solution been neglected as unimportant. But ignoring this element of the sales process is as close as you can get to a guarantee for trouble.

It turns out the answer we have been searching for, has been with us all along:

Methods of selling that violate the basic principles will create problems.

Why? Because all selling is based on natural laws, and ways of applying them. You only run into trouble when there is a misalignment between the principles and the methods.

Seems simple enough, yet many sales books tend to focus on methods, tactics, and techniques of selling, without even a nod to why these things work. Instead, they advise even more sales training systems and coaching routines, which adds complexity to the process, creating even more frustration when these methods prove unworkable.

Also some sales books tend to focus on only one step of the sales process with titles such as: how to get leads, contact prospects, do cold calls, get through the gate-keeper and get an appointment; how to generate interest and curiosity, get the customer to trust you and like you, discover needs and wants; how to give a presentation, handle objections, close the deal, get referrals and more.

But to succeed as a professional salesperson, you need to become expert at all of these tools. A narrow focus on only one aspect of selling, such as exclusively on the sales closing, simply won’t work in the long run.

Tactics, techniques, and methods of selling all have their place, but unless they are also rooted in the natural laws of selling, can often be unworkable. They consistently work only when they do not break the basic laws of selling.

A law is something that allows you to predict consequences. It helps you know why the methods work and it puts you in the driver’s seat of the process of selling anything.

Here are three examples.

1. “Honesty is the best policy” is a natural law.

Using methods such as, “Selling is whatever you can get away with,” or “Tell them what they want to hear” are out of alignment with the natural law. Such methods will cause trouble for you.

2. “If you are interested in people, they’ll find you more interesting,” is an example of a natural law.

Using a technique of being “interesting” (meaning focusing only on yourself) will not generate interest in you from others as it violates the natural law.

3. “Force creates resistance,” is also a natural law.

Human beings deal with one another in one of two ways: reason or force. Selling is the activity of using reason to enlighten, enthuse, encourage or persuade a commitment or action. Forcing someone to do your bidding plays no part in selling.

 Using any method that involves overwhelming, bullying or forcing the prospect into a sale, is consistently proven to produce a negative result. In fact, use of force creates sales resistance that wasn’t there to begin with.

This really is a new way of thinking about selling. And it also solves the mystery of why methods and tactics in selling sometimes don’t work.

If you’re running into trouble in your sales procedure, it may be valuable for you to examine your methods and tactics and see if any of them are in disagreement with the natural laws of selling.

Once you recognize that the natural laws of selling do actually exist, you can begin to use them to your advantage. Often only a slight adjustment can bring your methods in line with the natural laws and create some surprising and welcome changes.

This understanding alone tends to breed an aura of confidence in all your selling activities. The future then, begins to look very bright indeed.

daniel w. jacobs
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How It All Began

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Many have asked how this book got its start. So, here it is.

Ah yes, I remember it well . . .

“It was a dark and stormy night. The wind howled and twigs and leaves scuffled and rattled past the house. I sat alone at my desk, the blank piece of paper in my typewriter mocking my best efforts at making words appear on the page, when it happened; a knock on my front door that changed my life forever.”

(With a tip of the hat to W.W. Jacobs for the excerpt from his 1902 novel, “The Monkey’s Paw”)

Well, okay . . . I admit; this book didn’t really start exactly like that.

But, now that I have your attention, you can relax; your search for the perfect sales book is over. This book was written for you, as a working professional. It is about action, not theory – and doing, not thinking.

It is clear, to the point, and relevant to your life as a professional salesperson. It doesn’t require anything from you other than your natural curiosity to find something that helps you do better at your job today.

And that’s what we’re all looking for, isn’t it?

My writing, memorialized in this text, “The Natural Laws of Selling” had its humble beginnings as a series of weekly sales tips and articles written for salespeople at an international marketing company where I was employed as a senior executive.

The sales personnel of the company were already professionals in their own right, and were very clear about what they needed from me. They wanted plain-speaking articles on sales that cut through the bull and delivered a message that focused on action not theory.

They were also adamant about what they didn’t want.

They definitely did not want an ivory tower, academic treatise on some hypothetical scheme of selling like the hierarchy of effects model, or any other complicated, unworkable psychobabble.

Anything not based on common sense application in the real world was summarily rejected.

But as this idea was in line with the focus of all my writings, we were seeing eye-to-eye.

Within the company, “The Natural Laws of Selling” soon became the go-to resource for everyday use for salesmen and women in the company.

Why? Because every article is chock-full of new discoveries based on basic selling principles, real-life experiences, reminders of what they already knew, plus relevant information for ready use in everyday selling activities.

Over time, it became clear that these writings contained new discoveries on the inner workings of selling not found in other writings on the subject.

Complexities were faced and stripped away, false assumptions and unworkable fads were exposed and discarded, and useless chatter was recognized and tossed aside.

The proven laws that were universally workable were underscored and clarified. The time-proven basics were strengthened through understanding and applicability in the real world of the working professional salesperson.

In short, the aim of the sales journal was simple: to focus only on what worked.

This single purpose remained as the guideline throughout the whole book. And what’s more, you don’t have to read the whole book from start to finish to benefit from the material.

You can scan through the titles until something catches your attention, sparks your imagination and inspires you to read it and use it. The value of the information will be instantly evident in your attitude and positive change in results.

Never before has all this material been assembled under one cover, ready for use.

I consider it no accident that it is now in your hands.

daniel w. jacobs
(c) 2011-2030, all rights reserved

And you call this a living?

Posted in Sales and Life on January 9, 2012 by Daniel Jacobs

The clock said 4:30AM, scolding me for still being awake.

I was stuck once again with that cold-sweat fixation that tomorrow could signal the end of my career. Try as I might, I couldn’t escape those all-pervasive thoughts of worry and dread. And with my anxiety escalating by the minute, the chances of any sleep were slim to none.

Others are out there, I thought, better prepared and more determined. And I’m so worn out, I’m running on the fumes of what empty used to smell like, stuck with the feeling that I’m going to blow another opportunity, one that I desperately need! I only thing I knew for sure was, something had to change.

If all this sounds all too familiar, you’re not alone. In fact, you really shouldn’t even be surprised.

After all, when you’ve been thrown in over your head to do a job for which you’ve had no effective training or practice, who would expect anything different. In the absence of any real familiarity in basics of selling, who can blame you for wanting to quit?

Now, we all know that the wrong thing to do is nothing and just keep wishing things would change. But what to do?

Iif you’re still with me this far, there is hope, because of these three important things:

a) You feel that there may be something to learn.

b) You’re serious enough about changing your life.

c) You’re willing to do something about it.

This is why I wrote this book – for working professionals just like you. It’s for those who know when they need help, are willing to get it, and then put it to immediate use in their own lives.

The sole focus of this book is on fundamental principles underlying all selling.

I chose this path because gaining an understanding of the natural laws of selling combined with a disciplined practice of workable methods in applying them will give you the stability, certainty and effortless competence that is missing in your life and your career.

And, even better, you don’t have to study some dry, academic textbook for several semesters to accomplish the results you want.

Instead, just flip though this book at random and read any article that grabs your attention. I guarantee you will find at least one gemstone that you can use today to get you going on the right track, immediately.

And that’s really what you’re looking for isn’t it?

daniel w. jacobs
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I Know What You’re Thinking . . .

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I know what you’re thinking . . .

You can’t stand another sales book crammed with untried theories, meaningless buzzwords and academic graphs written by someone who has never been in-the-trenches; or a text crammed with confusing acronyms ‘guaranteed’ to close any deal, but which only end up as more clutter in your mind.

I feel the same way.

If you’re looking for a sales book that is clear, simple, and relevant to your career, something that will give you new, fresh ideas for methods based on workable, common sense basics and not some oddball fad or fashion, your search is over.

I wrote this book for working professionals in the field of sales, for salespeople who already knew the ropes and those just learning and who needed a jump-start to get on the right path.

This is a Sales Journal which deals with the inner workings of selling. Every article has a gemstone of inspiration that will motivate you to do better, today.

You don’t have to read everything cover to cover before seeing results. Just pick any article that looks interesting, any one that grabs your attention and read it.

I guarantee that a careful reading will give you back more energy than it took to read it!

daniel w. jacobs
(c) 2010-2030, all rights reserved

Did You Know?

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According to Forbes magazine, 53% of billionaires started out working for another organization? And, of that number, over 20% started out in a SALES position!
There is an old saying that says, “You’re either selling or being sold.” That maxim is still very true in today’s world. Get used to it, business is about people; selling is about people, life is about people. And the more you understand about people, the more you’ll understand about selling.
“The Natural Laws of Selling” draws on empirical, practical experience and the direct, personal observation of what works in selling and in life.” – pg 5.
Buy it. Read it. Apply it. You won’t regret it.
Daniel Jacobs

Book Review: The Natural Laws Of Selling now available on

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Book Review: The Natural Laws Of Selling by Daniel Jacobs

Book Review: The Natural Laws Of Selling by Daniel Jacobs

Rarely does any book present a new way of thinking, especially about the field of sales. But this is such a book; presenting a fresh new approach to the science and art of selling. It is based on an exciting, new discovery of how to harnesses the raw power of the unchanging Natural Laws Of Selling.
The premise of this book is simple and straightforward: Acting in accordance with the natural laws of selling can increase your personal power in all areas of your life, especially in selling. Simply stated: Mastering the fundamentals is always senior to the endless accumulation of techniques.
Once you know WHY a sale takes place, and start to understand HOW the inner workings of the selling process really work, stress and failures are replaced by confidence and results. Techniques and methods of selling are limited only by your imagination once you understand the basic principles. And these natural laws are definitely worth knowing, as they are the driving force behind all selling, no matter what method or technique is being used. Why not save time and energy (and see better results) by aligning your methods with the basic principles of selling in the first place?
For one thing, you won’t ever have to resort to forcing the customer again, a concept rooted in one of the most important natural laws in all selling: “force creates resistance.”
The answers are all there, waiting for you to unleash their power. By harnessing the strength of these basic principles, one can generate an intensity that compelling persuasive in selling anything. –


Posted in Sales and Life on August 6, 2013 by Daniel Jacobs

natural+law+definitionA natural law refers to something that can be verified or disproved by direct observation or practical experiment. It is based on empirical fact rather than reason or logic.

A natural law does not require your agreement, only your willingness to look and see for yourself. Further explanation, clarification, or interpretation is unnecessary as the law stands on its own.

For example, if you want to prove to yourself that rivers do not flow uphill, you go and observe rivers flowing. Eventually you come to the conclusion that they all flow downhill, without exception. The common denominator is that none of them flow uphill; they all flow downhill. The truth lies in the observing of it.

This is what is meant by a natural law.

The natural laws of selling are the observable fundamentals and basic principles of the subject. The game of salesmanship will never be easy for you unless you first master the fundamentals.

The secrets you must know and use to reach and stay at the top are revealed in the natural laws and they apply at every level of experience.

If you’re in the beginning levels, learn the fundamentals first and you’ll begin to see consistent results sooner.

If you’re stuck at the intermediate levels of selling, stagnating and not improving, it’s because you’re focusing on methods instead of the fundamentals.

If you’re already at the top of your “sales game,” but can’t seem to consistently reach the levels of power selling that you want, it’s because some of the fundamentals are either not known or not being used.

Methods of applying the fundamentals can be flexible, so long as they align with the stable principles of all selling. When your actions and methods of selling derive from the basics, you can adapt effortlessly and you are never thrown by any selling situation.

Excellence in selling is based on the mastery of fundamentals not the accumulation of techniques.

And the fundamentals are all based on natural laws.

This really is a new way of thinking.

It’s a new look at the inner workings of the sales process that can open the door to higher level of success than ever before imagined. It can build confidence, certainty, and trust in you, yet it only takes a slight shift in focus.

The power of the natural laws and fundamentals combined with a practiced, disciplined application of the methods, will take you to heights only dreamed of previously.

With the material in this book, the future is yours for the making.

daniel w. jacobs
(c) 2013-2030, all rights reserved

The Road To Excellence

Posted in Sales and Life on January 27, 2013 by Daniel Jacobs

Dan driving 2006Something was missing; and studying yet another text on selling techniques, tactics, and sales methods “guaranteed” to close deals just wasn’t cutting it.

If this sounds familiar, you’ve come to the right place.

Whether you’re involved in sales as a profession or not, this book is for you – as we’re all involved in selling or being sold something every day of our lives.

These writings are not untried opinions; they are my observations of what works, based on over 25 years of hard-won, hands-on experience in the world of selling.

I set out to re-focus and underscore the common sense basics underlying all successful selling activities and provide new effective methods of applying this knowledge to the real world.

Through my studies and research, I found two important facts:

1) The Natural law of selling are a body of unchanging principles derived from nature and which work spontaneously for everyone.

2) Knowing and following these laws is the route to excellence.

I have named this discovery, The Straight-line Approach.

As the old saying goes, “How do you get from point A to point B”?  Answer: A straight line.

This approach is the most effective way to master the art and craft of selling, as it goes from point A to point B without distractions, diversions, or blind alleys that go nowhere. It also helps salespeople make the connection between them and the customer with overall efficiency.

I found also, that invariably, the road to excellence in any skill comes from mastery of the fundamentals – not from acquiring more techniques.

Elite salespeople, the ones who have invested the time and effort to learn the laws and master their skills, will find much to agree with in this book. Many of the ideas and concepts are familiar but not underscored as to their importance. Other ideas are new and not seen in other texts on the subject.

Whether you are a seasoned veteran or not, you can find value in these writings. Simply choose any article that catches your attention, and you’ll find something meaningful that will help you with your sales today.

This book will help you become a savvy negotiator in getting the best deal you can, even if you’re not even actively involved in the business of sales.

Change is inevitable; this is a natural law. To maintain your balance and adapt to unanticipated changes, you need something secure and constant to rely upon.

These are established principles and basic laws of life, which remain unaffected by the roiling winds of economic and political change.

You can adjust your techniques and tactics as dictated by technological advances and other changes, but leave the basic principles untouched and you’ll maintain your equilibrium and stability.the road

The road to excellence has but three primary guideposts:

1. Knowledge of the natural laws of selling.

2. Workable methods, which align with the principles.

3. Focused, disciplined, practice, and persistence.

Mastery of all selling awaits.

daniel w. jacobs
(c) 2013-2030, all rights reserved