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Posted in Sales and Life on February 19, 2009 by Daniel Jacobs


Good call this morning. I felt pretty energized and calm plus I was very productive. I logged in eight new projects one new clients before the end of the day. 
Thanks, Dan.
RM, President, 50x
Altadena, CA

I have had the great privilege to come to know Dan first as a colleague and since then with several professional engagements. His abilities to apply a lifetime of business and sales knowledge is both extraordinary and unique.

Most consultants tend to apply techniques and “tricks” in a general sense. Dan first analyzes the current and past challenges and then applies the correct solution in a way that solves the situation in a methodical and professional way. He takes into account each personality to assure that improvement occurs across an organization effectively that provides both immediate and long-lasting results.

I have 30 years of direct experience with many of the “best” sales and business consultants and I can say confidently that Dan’s experience, approach and measurable results put him in a class by himself.
Terry Puterbaugh, President
Employer Solutions, Inc.
Denver, CO


Dan Jacobs is a miracle worker.  I’m glad I was put in touch with him.  He helped me see how out of touch I’ve been and what I need to change and he’s a great coach. Whatever your challenges or fears (whether personal or professional), he’s met and helped someone with far greater ones.  This exercise has been helpful to me,  I’m sorry I didn’t do it sooner.  I really appreciated the process and interaction and it helped me see my behavior and intentions much more clearly.
SH, CEO & Co-founder
Norwalk, CT

I have worked with Dan in the past and what has always impressed me is that he doesn’t employ a “boxed” approach. Rather, he brings focus to the human/people aspect of the equation.  By doing this he is able to achieve long-lasting results across the organization by understanding the dynamics, both inside and in front of your clients.  Keep at it!
Fred Beyerlein, MBA
President and CEO of Rubicon Genomics

We all will live long if we keep a “fire in the belly.”  Often a single writing from you rekindles the flame.  Unfortunately there are not enough people like you.  Your spirit and compassion is very meaning-full and in inspiring.
Prof. B. Brown, Ph.D.

Thanks for much for the meeting up with me last Monday night.  I really appreciate your wisdom and experience and helping me find my way out the fog and into the sunlight again.
Musician, Los Angles, CA

I had the pleasure of being able attend a sales training seminar that Dan Jacobs did for a large health supplement company that I was working for. Right from the very start he took command of everyone in the room’s attention and expertly led us to a crystal clear understanding of what the underlying fundamental truths of selling really are.

Instead of simply offering simple sales tricks and tips, Dan was able to illuminate for us all what was really at the core selling truths that made all the specific tactics and strategies work. It really fired up the sales force with a new confidence and I was also able to apply some of the specific techniques to my marketing efforts with great effect. In short, if you are looking for a seriously engaging and effective speaker who can deliver deep understanding in a common sense fashion then Dan is the man for the job.
Greg Marsden, V.P. Internet Marketing
Grand Rapids, MI

I’m glad my friend put me in touch with Dan. He helped me see how out of touch I’ve been and what I need to change. I see the light on the negative impact that I’ve had on the people that I care about and now I’m committed to fixing it.
Jeff Holner, President
HNC Holdings, LLC

Daniel Jacobs is a “man for all seasons.” He can surely help you andshaking-hands3 your clients with your sales problems. His deep interest in the diverse nature of human behavior, his genuine interest in his fellow-man, his constant study, and his down-home common sense means that you will waste little time and get to the core of your problem. He will help you find a solution that is yours, that will produce results, and that allows you to move on to other projects. He is a pleasure to work with; try him, I’m happy that I did! Dan can reduce what is sometimes seen and made out to be a complicated cycle, into the sheer simplicity it really is.
CK — MST Chemistry, Ph.D. Candidate
University of New Hampshire

Dan, you are able to take a complex sales process and break it down into simple, understandable elements. Having a clearer understanding of what’s really happening during a sales call or presentation helps us effectively overcome each obstacle.sales-girl With this very positive way of addressing client objections, your advice has helped us to keep the words flowing. We’re no longer “tongue-tied” in unexpected situations.  And now we control the meeting, and not letting the meeting control us!
Willette Friday
Independent sales Consultant
Los Angeles, CA

Dan has been a trusted advisor to me for years.  In dealing with relationship issues (mother-son, in my case), he tapped into his years of professional experiences to find exactly the right path for us to get over the “speed bump” we recently hit.  With Dan on the job, there is no wasted time, no down time.  He listens to everything you have to say on the topic, analyzes it, and is able to pinpoint the right solution almost instantaneously.  Then he helps you get there, too. My husband said it is spooky how “spot on” you are with analysis. The good stuff is pouring in.
Senior Account Management Executive
Irvine, CA

Dan taught me the value of competence many moons ago and I’ve used it successfully ever since. Thanks!
VP RSVP Marketing

I have enjoyed all your writings to date!  This piece, “Principles and Methods in Selling,” however, is beyond extraordinary. – It’s brilliant!  You have just defined the quintessential essence to selling at all levels!

If my interest in your article,”My Ah-Ha Moment” is any indication (I feel compelled to read it every day), your upcoming book will be a resounding success. WOOPEEE!!!

I’m very pleased to report since Dan Jacobs started three months ago working with FiftyX and me again our new business prospects and closings have increased and billings are up 75% over last year at this time. This is a great turn around over what looked to be a flat year of no growth. I’m making staffing and facility changes to better meet the production demands of the increased new business and future growth. With your guidance I’m looking forward to continuing our strategic planning, reorganization and setting goals for next year.
Thanks, we couldn’t have done it without you.
Altadena, CA

I just wanted to take a moment to say thanks for your help and advice over the last few months. Through your advice and help I have shaken loose from a very troubling business situation that has nagged my business efforts for SEVERAL YEARS! It’s kind of like the saying “I’ve just realized I’ve had a headache for years”. Well, I got rid of an unnecessary and very unwanted “boat anchor” around my proverbial business neck.writing-a-thank-you2 I’m sure it would not have resolved as easily and quickly as it did WITH your help. The hard-won knowledge you obtained by practice that you shared and guided me through careful application is the team work effort that made a difference.
With much gratitude,
WN, President

I have not found a more informed and effective person than Dan Jacobs in understanding the complete sales cycle and how to use it to the benefit of both the customer and the sales person. His ability to get one to isolate the weak areas of your selling process and develop a program to handle them is legendary.  I wish I had started working with him much earlier.
President, CenterLine Coaching
Los Gatos, CA

I have worked with Dan and I have first-hand testimony that he is always totally ‘with’ the person he’s working with. Many can give sympathy or make you more comfortable, but Dan has a way of providing understanding, compassion and effective help!  He is . . . YES!  I am grateful and continue to be for all people who create a better “Presence” on this planet.
Vocalist and Recording Artist


Dan served as the Executive Vice President for Mueller International during the time in which I served as the Executive Assistant to the CEO. There were many opportunities to see him in action as I worked with him on a weekly basis for over 8 years.  During that time, I observed that he always conducted himself professionally, positively, and with a bias towards action and results. In addition to serving as the EVP, Dan demonstrated a high level of commitment, a willingness to accept responsibility, and the interpersonal skills necessary to handle conflict and challenging situations under often stressful conditions. On several occasions, I have called upon Dan to help in situations that arose at our office and I also asked for his help in many personal aspects of my life.  From this, I benefited greatly. I have seen Dan assist in the closing of several multimillion-dollar sales contracts that resulted in new business for our company.  I have also witnessed the excellent results of his work with many of our sales executives and other key staff.

In speaking with some of the other people that have worked with Dan in the past and the present, everyone is satisfied with the positive results that he has brought to the table, and we are all looking forward to more to come! Dan’s strength at Mueller International has been his ability to find solutions, and a “bottom line” attitude of getting the job done right . . . every time! He is a true professional in whom I have the utmost faith and confidence
CEO Executive Assistant
Irvine, CA

Dan, you are a man of stature and consequence, talent and brilliance! Thanks for being there.
Businessman and Fine Artist


NATIONAL REGISTER’S WHO’S WHO IN EXECUTIVES & PROFESSIONALS has chosen Daniel W. Jacobs for inclusion in the year 2000 millennium edition.

The intent of NATIONAL REGISTER’S WHO’S WHO is to notify all who read this announcement that Mr. Jacobs has reached and maintained a very high level of recognizable success wishes to extend its personal congratulations for the stellar accomplishments in the field of sales consulting and sales writing.

The year 2000 edition of NATIONAL REGISTER’S WHO’S WHO IN EXECUTIVES & PROFESSIONALS is received only by the included members. This year’s edition will be registered at the Library of Congress in Washington, D.C.


Your web site and writing are both outstanding!  It fact, as far as I am concerned, the “” site is the most outstanding “sales” site I have seen on the net. In fact, I am going to refer to it for the MBA class that I teach, only with your permission of course.  Thank you for the password to view the article “Communication Magic in Sales”.
Prof. Billy Brown, MS


I thoroughly enjoyed our meeting and mini workshop last week. By any measure you are a very effective communicator and educator. I found your suggestions and exercises especially helpful. I have made some personal breakthroughs that most certainly will improve the business and my life in general. I’m hoping we will be able to have more frequent face-to-face meetings in the near future.
Thanks again for your continue counsel and support.

As opposed to many sales consultants that tend to apply rote tricks or canned solutions, you approached the situation based on my background and experience and methodically applied feedback and “common sense” solutions to each aspect of the new presentation and overall sales process.
Denver, CO

I know I told you this soooo many times before… but…. YOU ARE SO AMAZING!!! LISTEN EVERYBODY! You should check out Dan’s writings and read them carefully. You won’t regret it, I guarantee it!!!!!!
Chie Imazumi
Award-winning Pianist/Composer/Arranger

Your writings are the verbal equivalent of the improvised phrases of a master musician: concise, clear, sophisticated and rich in implication and depth of conceptual understanding.
Dr. Paul Brewer, Professor
Grand Rapids, MI

You’ve always been able to write pieces that are easy to understand. This is a major asset you have in communicating with people. You not only can say it, but you can write it too.
Ray Thoman, Executive
Los Angeles, CA

I’m sitting here at work, enjoying learning more about you from your website! I am taking in your journal page as well. Helpful insights! Thanks for sharing your wisdom and experience.
Dr. Pat Handlin
Grand Rapids, MI

You are not only a great musician but a wonderful writer as well.
Fred Gray, writer,  journalist, editor
Petoskey, MI

Thanks for sharing your articles on human relationships with me.  I agree with what you are saying. It’s easy to be tricked into little steps that seem insignificant when they occur; and then realize that in full-context over the long-term you’ve strayed beyond your personal values without knowing it. Personally, some of the people I’ve been associated with over the years often seemed to have that as a potential

Also, any of us can believe in an authority figure or someone we admire, and therefore presume their actions to be morally justifiable. Such individuals use their images of being supernatural wealth-creators, in a way that makes people assume that they have a magical gift rendering all their actions somehow justifiable.

Thanks for shedding the spotlight of truth on the area for all of us.
Steve Vachss
Senior Marketing Executive

A friend referred me to your articles. I found it immensely helpful at this time in my life. I’ve gone through some recent experiences that have put your writings to the test. And what you have written has been right every time! Excellent writing.

I loved your articles. It really hit home for me. I took a look at some of the people in my life and your article helped a lot to see who my true friends really are. Keep up the good work. I love all the articles.
Professional lead trumpeter

I found out about your articles and website from an associate in California. Very good site! Thanks for all the invaluable advice and tools.
Tyler Gorlen
Executive Vice President
LSQ Funding Group, L.C.

Your writings are truthful and written exceptionally; as good if not better than any other journalist I have ever read. Every article is saturated with useful information and wisdom.
John Gilbert, President
Pro Distro Audio

Your essay’s are very skillful pieces of work. Great thought processing! They speak the truth that we all need to hear!
Professor B. Brown

photo by myrna jacobs truth. Every person in this country needs to hear, understand and live by the information in this article.

This articles are  AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can’t believe what a great writer you are. I have never read anything any more meaningful than this. I especially liked the way you kept referring back to the boiling of the frog! We certainly must all speak up and do something of some value to make our lives worthwhile. Thanks so much for sharing this. I wanted to wait until I had time to sit down and totally concentrate on this and this afternoon was the time. Thanks again. Keep up the fantastic work!!!!!!!!!!
Sally Fisher

I logged on to your writing web site at, It’s great! Very logical, easy to navigate, a real pleasure to be on. I found your essay about “True Friends” and read it, it’s wonderful. Possibly the reason you have so many true friends is that you have been a true friend to so many. Reading your essay was the best medicine I have ever had to bring me upscale again and become more able to handle my situation.
Betty Harlen
Sales Executive
Los Angeles, CA

Okay, I could not wait another minute to read the article on “economic seduction” and the frog. EXCELLENT, EXCELLENT in every way! I printed it to save it. One of our local commentators comments, so often, about “giving away our rights for a free handout”. Thank you, Dan, for sharing this great article.


Your “Change Is The Only Constant” article is an idea I have often used when dealing with workplace and teaching college classes, so it sounds very insightful to me. After all, we always think those who agree with us are the most profound. Even in my early high school sociology teaching I tried to impress upon students that “change is the norm.”
Richard Lessard, Ph.D.
Educator, MI

I loved your article on “Change is Life” and want to ask you for permission to perhaps use it as a resource in some staff development training seminars I do with the NC Teacher Academy. In addressing “Continuous School Improvement” we spend a lot of time studying the change process…trying to help teachers understand the cycle of “institutional change”…and learn to deal with the resistance that is inevitable and natural in a multi-aged staff of educators. Your article puts a very positive spin on the process and would be good reading for our summer participants. Also, could I also add it to my personal resource list…or make copies of it? I’ll look forward to your response.
Prof. Ellen T., educator

I have to tell you how absolutely spot-on you are in your recent handling of my situation! I don’t think I have felt this powerful ever before. After our talk, I had a huge realization about what is going on now and how to handle it. It’s like -all I’d really have to do is sweep my eyes about and like magic -poof! All would be in order, just like I want. You are my friend, you are my mentor for sure – you are amazing in your help of me – I sooooooooooo much appreciate you – you’re the best!
Physical Therapist/business owner

I too have struggled with “crazymakers” in my life. You are absolutely accurate with your assessment of the problem. All too often, in order to spare someone’s feelings, we avoid confronting these situations, when facing the problem head-on is the best thing to do for everyone involved.
Edgar Struble
Peter Panic Productions

I first met Dan Jacobs in 1996 as I was changing careers. Before describing his valuable assistance, it is important to understand my background and situation at that time.

I had previously worked for a Fortune 500 company for sixteen years, primarily responsible for selling multi-million dollar engineered equipment to the oil and gas industry and had decided to undertake a new sales position with a small marketing company selling multimillion dollar lead generation programs to Fortune 2000 high-tech companies.

As I was very successful in my past position, I entered the new job with passion and confidence, but after a few months I found that the approximate dollar amount of the contracts was the only similarity between the two career paths. As a result, I found myself struggling and ultimately questioning the wisdom of my move.

As one can imagine in situations such as this, almost every aspect can become paralyzing: new company culture, lack of proper training, financial pressures both internal and external, being thrown into new situations, etc.

One of the largest single differences (and area of the highest personal anxiety) in the sales process between the two careers was in the initial sales call process itself. My new company always began with a formal electronic presentation to typically four to ten people, where previously I was accustomed to mostly one on one meetings during the sales process.

I can assure you that the prospect of routinely presenting something you do not completely understand to an executive level audience that may know more than you do can cause a high level of stress and self-doubt. With that said, it was essential that I quickly came up to speed and become productive in this environment as my new job was in peril. Enter Dan Jacobs.

We struck it off immediately and after a period of understanding what my issues were he began to address fundamentals to correct the situation. As opposed to many sales consultants that tend to apply rote tricks or canned solutions, He approached the situation based on my background and experience and methodically applied feedback and “common sense” solutions to each aspect of the new presentation and overall sales process.

I can only explain the process much like what a coach provides to a professional golfer that has lost part of his game. The person knows how to golf and probably feels pretty defensive about the need for assistance to begin with. The coach listens and observes and only then applies subtle suggestions with a light touch. Frustrations are addressed first, which then sets the stage for corrective action tailored to the situation and individual.

In a matter of four or five sessions during a few weeks working together, I was fully capable of performing presentations and not only became proficient but the highest grossing sales person in the history of the company. I not only credit him with saving my career, but almost as importantly, he helped me face a situation that I felt I could never master and turned it into an area that I truly enjoy and excel at. I feel that Dan Jacobs is the Butch Harmon in the sales area and I would heartily recommend him to address any sales situation that may need help.
President and Senior Sales Executive
Denver, CO

It appears your new article entitled “50 Sales Maxims” has broader application than just sales it seems as if this one was written for my present situation regard women and “selling” myself! Especially numbers, 1, 2, 7, 10, 12-14, 16. 21-23, 25 and 41.”
CK, Ph.D. candidate

“Brilliant! Outstanding! Insightful! I really enjoyed this article on “Post-Close” Closings. It even gave a salty, seasoned old sales pro like myself cause for reflection to polish up those skills.”
President, Marketing Co.
Irvine, CA

This web site is outstanding! One of the best “sales” site I have seen on the net.
Billy Brown, Ph.D.

I Read the latest article yesterday called, “The Start Check.” I used it immediately. Very good!
Lauralyn T.
Executive V.P.
Aurora, Ill

Your writing should get as much acclaim (as your music). Thank you for an excellent, well-thought-out article. I will take it to heart.
Best, Roger
ACOUSTIC ARTS Custom Music Production L.L.C.
Grand Rapids, MI

I’ve spent some more time on your site reading and just wanted to stop in and say hi, and thank you again for the wonderful wealth of material you have there. Just fantastic. Hope you’re doing great!!
Paul Baron
cell: 360-739-3130

Dan, your work is amazing …. your writing, your performing, and just plain ‘ole you!  Hope we can get together soon!
Gary Stutz
Charlevoix, MI

Thanks so much for your writing. Your articles are great! They’re full of interesting information that I can use. I admire people who can take complex subjects and pull out the simplicities so that anyone can understand them. I’ll be looking for more of your writing.
Paul Akan



Posted in Sales and Life on February 19, 2009 by Daniel Jacobs

These writings are not untried opinions, half-baked theories or a re-hash of the typical sales pitch fluff.  They are observations of what works – based on hard-won, hands-on experience gained from decades of active work in the world of selling.

And – perhaps more importantly – I’ve found out how to explain my discoveries in a way that is easy to understand, absorb and apply. All that is required of you is a little basic uncommon -sense plus a willingness to learn.

My mission is three-fold:

a) To re-focus attention to the common-sense principles underlying all successful selling activities;

b) To offer new, uncommon methods of applying this knowledge to the real world;

c) To provide a workable route for any sales rep to achieve the effortless competence of a master in all selling activities.

What do I mean by competence? It is the demonstrated ability to use the knowledge and skills acquired from training, practice and experience to satisfy the demands required.

In layman terms it means:  You can do what you’ve got to do – when you’ve got to do it.

And, produce consistently outstanding results when expected.

I assure you; this is something worth working for and acquiring.

There is no guarantee of success in anything, but if there were, it would include these three elements:

1.  A knowledge of the fundamental principles underlying all selling.

2. A workable method of applying these uncommon-sense basics.

3.  A willingness to learn, practice and apply these methods to achieve uncommon results.

Step one above has been completed.  The basics are contained in these writings.   Step two only requires individual practice of the methods and tools that work for you.  Step three depends only on your willingness to learn.  Are you ready for a change?  If so, the route to a life of success in professional selling with effortless competence is before you.

All you need to do is walk the path laid out by basics principles and workable methods in this book.

daniel w. jacobs
(c) 2010, all rights reserved