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Effortless Excellence

Posted in Sales and Life on December 10, 2011 by Daniel Jacobs

Every sales rep knows that the easiest time to make another sale is when you’ve just finished a successful one.

But the mystery is: How do you make that first sale?

This question was the catalyst that prompted all my research and study of the field of selling.

Here is a thumb-nail sketch of what I discovered:

1. Look at what has worked for you or others (ideas, thoughts, actions, people) and strengthen them.

2. Isolate what has not worked for you or others (ideas, thoughts, actions, people) and knock them off.

3. Figure out what the exact next step is to get you going in the right direction again.

4. ‘Get ‘er done! then repeat steps 1-4.

When to use these steps:

  1. When nothing is going right.
  2. When everything takes more effort than necessary.
  3. When you feel hopeless, lost, depressed and ready to give up.

(note: If you’re too depressed to even get started, take a good look around –  you may just be surrounded by assholes)

These steps above will put you back on the right track, back in the game, clear the fog of confusion and highlight the way out of the morass.

There is no mystery all great truths are basically simple and this one is no exception.

Effortless Excellence: 

The fundamental principles have been isolated; the methods supporting these principles have been discovered.

Focus on natural laws of selling and adopt or adapt methods (ways) of applying them. Mystery solved.

Now practice and practice, then practice more on the methods that align with and strengthen your principles and you’re on your way.

Effortless excellence develops from the command of fundamentals, not the accumulation of technique.

Try it, you’ll like it.

daniel w. jacobs
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