And you call this a living?

The clock said 4:30AM, scolding me for still being awake.

I was stuck once again with that cold-sweat fixation that tomorrow could signal the end of my career. Try as I might, I couldn’t escape those all-pervasive thoughts of worry and dread. And with my anxiety escalating by the minute, the chances of any sleep were slim to none.

Others are out there, I thought, better prepared and more determined. And I’m so worn out, I’m running on the fumes of what empty used to smell like, stuck with the feeling that I’m going to blow another opportunity, one that I desperately need! I only thing I knew for sure was, something had to change.

If all this sounds all too familiar, you’re not alone. In fact, you really shouldn’t even be surprised.

After all, when you’ve been thrown in over your head to do a job for which you’ve had no effective training or practice, who would expect anything different. In the absence of any real familiarity in basics of selling, who can blame you for wanting to quit?

Now, we all know that the wrong thing to do is nothing and just keep wishing things would change. But what to do?

Iif you’re still with me this far, there is hope, because of these three important things:

a) You feel that there may be something to learn.

b) You’re serious enough about changing your life.

c) You’re willing to do something about it.

This is why I wrote this book – for working professionals just like you. It’s for those who know when they need help, are willing to get it, and then put it to immediate use in their own lives.

The sole focus of this book is on fundamental principles underlying all selling.

I chose this path because gaining an understanding of the natural laws of selling combined with a disciplined practice of workable methods in applying them will give you the stability, certainty and effortless competence that is missing in your life and your career.

And, even better, you don’t have to study some dry, academic textbook for several semesters to accomplish the results you want.

Instead, just flip though this book at random and read any article that grabs your attention. I guarantee you will find at least one gemstone that you can use today to get you going on the right track, immediately.

And that’s really what you’re looking for isn’t it?

daniel w. jacobs
© 2008 -2030, all rights reserved


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