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Natural Laws

Posted in Sales and Life on August 16, 2012 by Daniel Jacobs


I’m often asked this question from new salespeople:

Can’t I just memorize a sales script and start selling?”

Of course, you can. In fact, nearly all salespeople started out the same way. But selling by rote is only the bottom rung of a whole series of steps leading to a mastery of selling.

There are advance techniques that allow you to adjust your methods to the customer, which dramatically increase your sales closing ratio.

Inevitably, then, I get this next question:

“So, if they’re so good, why can’t I just learn the advanced techniques?”

The answer is simple: Excellence is reached by mastering fundamentals, not by accumulating techniques.

The basics are natural laws, which remain the same no matter what methods or techniques you adopt. Any time you add new methods of selling that don’t come from natural law, you only complicate the problem.

Rushing through the basics to get to advanced techniques only exposes your inexperience in the basics. Instead, by mastering one thing at a time, you can master anything.

Be assured, the advanced techniques will be there when you’re ready for them.

Further, there is no single sales process or method that applies to all people, products or services. In selling, you are always dealing with people. And when you’re dealing with people, you must be prepared for any contingency, because people can and often will act in very unpredictable ways.

If you’re serious about succeeding in the sales profession you must know this single important fact: Understand people and you will understand all selling.

Every selling method, tactic, technique, process, system, or routine that has been consistently successful is based on the natural laws of selling.

Here is an example of a well-worn principle: Honesty is the best policy.

Why does this work? Because all selling is based on building trust, confidence, and agreement as the path to a sale. Dishonesty, on the other hand, builds distrust, doubt, and disagreement, which leads to no sale.

Here’s another one: Force creates resistance.

Why? It’s based on a natural law of the physical universe and it works exactly the same with people. People like comfortable, good control. They resist and resent being forced or bullied into doing anything.

Natural laws or principles are conclusions based on evidence from empirical observation. They exist independent of and senior to methods, opinions or beliefs.

The natural laws of selling are tools that can help you predict consequences with invariable consistency.

Violate the laws, and stress, uncertainty and trouble will be your constant companion. Know and apply the laws in your selling and you’ll inevitably exhibit the effortless competence of the true master professional. And your sales closings will reflect this success.

It all boils down to these points:

  1. The natural laws, or basic principles of selling are few – but they are invariable and immutable.
  1. These are the rules, which, when known and followed, produce stable, predictable, and reliable results; and when ignored or violated, invariably end up in disaster.
  1. The methods of teaching, learning, and applying the principles of selling are infinite.
  1. These methods are techniques, tactics of learning how to do something.

Trying one method after another while ignoring the basic fundamentals will give you only limited, unsatisfactory results.

Work only on methods, and you become locked into methods. But if you master the principles of selling, then you are free to develop your own methods.

Align your methods with the natural laws – and those principles will empower your methods.

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