natural+law+definitionA natural law refers to something that can be verified or disproved by direct observation or practical experiment. It is based on empirical fact rather than reason or logic.

A natural law does not require your agreement, only your willingness to look and see for yourself. Further explanation, clarification, or interpretation is unnecessary as the law stands on its own.

For example, if you want to prove to yourself that rivers do not flow uphill, you go and observe rivers flowing. Eventually you come to the conclusion that they all flow downhill, without exception. The common denominator is that none of them flow uphill; they all flow downhill. The truth lies in the observing of it.

This is what is meant by a natural law.

The natural laws of selling are the observable fundamentals and basic principles of the subject. The game of salesmanship will never be easy for you unless you first master the fundamentals.

The secrets you must know and use to reach and stay at the top are revealed in the natural laws and they apply at every level of experience.

If you’re in the beginning levels, learn the fundamentals first and you’ll begin to see consistent results sooner.

If you’re stuck at the intermediate levels of selling, stagnating and not improving, it’s because you’re focusing on methods instead of the fundamentals.

If you’re already at the top of your “sales game,” but can’t seem to consistently reach the levels of power selling that you want, it’s because some of the fundamentals are either not known or not being used.

Methods of applying the fundamentals can be flexible, so long as they align with the stable principles of all selling. When your actions and methods of selling derive from the basics, you can adapt effortlessly and you are never thrown by any selling situation.

Excellence in selling is based on the mastery of fundamentals not the accumulation of techniques.

And the fundamentals are all based on natural laws.

This really is a new way of thinking.

It’s a new look at the inner workings of the sales process that can open the door to higher level of success than ever before imagined. It can build confidence, certainty, and trust in you, yet it only takes a slight shift in focus.

The power of the natural laws and fundamentals combined with a practiced, disciplined application of the methods, will take you to heights only dreamed of previously.

With the material in this book, the future is yours for the making.

daniel w. jacobs
(c) 2013-2030, all rights reserved


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