And You Call This A Living?

4:00AM had come and gone. I found myself desperately frantic to get some rest.  Yet as my anxiety increased, sleep eluded me even more. I was also stuck with the cold-sweat fixation that tomorrow would be the end.

anxiety-stressNo matter what I tried, I couldn’t get that thought out of my head: My competition was out there, better prepared and more determined than I was. Here I was, fatigued and uncertain, afraid that I was going to blow another opportunity; and one that I desperately needed.

How did I get myself in this place anyway? All I knew for sure was that something had to change. But what could I do to get out of this mess?

The scenario may read like a scene out of a bad movie but too often it’s a bit too close to the truth for some of us.

Unfortunately, there is no one-shot cure, but I can assure you of one thing: You are not alone.

Some days will go better than others; some will go so badly that you’ll despair of ever selling again. We’ve all had many of these days and may have more. But who can blame you for wanting to quit when you’ve been thrown in over your head without effective education and training in the basic principles of sales ?

Still, the wrong thing to do is nothing. The right thing to do is to get some effective help.

Happily, if you’ve stayed with me this far there is hope . . . because of two important things:

a) You sense there’s more to know that you want to find out

b) You’re strong enough to do something about it.

I wrote this book for you and others just like you.  Those who are willing to seek effective help and put it to immediate use in their lives.

There is more valuable, usable information on any page in this book than I’ve ever found in any other text on the subject, because the sole focus is on fundamental principles underlying all selling.

Knowledge of the basic principles combined with a disciplined practice of workable methods of applying them will give you the stability, certainty and effortless competence you want.

Flip though and read any article at random. I guarantee you will find at least one gemstone that you can use today to get you going on the right track.

And that’s really what you’re looking for isn’t it?

Now, let’s get started.

daniel w. jacobs
© 2008 -2030, all rights reserved


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