Attention Follows Attention

It’s the most important step in the sales process – but it comes before you make the first contact.

What is it?

It’s your attention

As a salesperson, what are you really trying to achieve? What is your purpose or goal?

It is vital that you keep your attention on the right goal before you start selling, and align it with your intention.

If you’re worrying about “making money,” or “making the sale,” you’re setting yourself up for trouble.

Why? Because your attention is on the wrong purpose.

When the customer’s goal is to get help and your attention is only to get money, don’t be surprised when they come up with money worries and concerns out of the blue.

Why? Because attention follows attention. It’s a natural law and a self-evident truth.

If your attention is consumed only with sealing the deal, you’re ignoring what is important to the client, which is guaranteed to create problems.

The customer wants help, service, and a personal benefit from what you’re offering.

When your attention and intention focused on helping customers get what they need and want, then you’ll have their agreement. Now, you’re working together toward a mutually beneficial goal

In this way, you’ll have something in common with them right off the bat. It means that you’ve connected with them on a level that is important to them and that’s doing it the easy way.

Now, what could be better than that?

daniel w. jacobs
(c) 2013-2030, all rights reserved


One Response to “Attention Follows Attention”

  1. Marilyn Dockx Says:

    Hello Dan, your book was recommended to me by Devin Stokes and I’ve just read the page on Attention. How very spot on and what a good gauge to use when sales seem thin 🙂

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