Attitude Is Everything

Did you know that your attitude have an enormous influence over your sales success (or failure)?

If you approach a meeting or presentation with nervous apprehension, you set the stage for receiving the same in return.

If you make an important phone call while, while trying to suppress a fear of failure, you create an atmosphere of fear in the conversation.

Too often, salespeople try to cover up an internal attitude of insecurity, worry, and doubt, but it comes across as an outward attitude of arrogance, superiority, and self-importance.

And don’t think customers can’t tell the difference. They can.

Even if they don’t identify exactly what they’re feeling, they sense something that they don’t like. Obviously, this is precisely what you’re trying to avoid in creating the environment for making a sale, isn’t it?

On the other hand, if your attitude is one of confidence, certainty, and positive anticipation, it will change your tone of voice, your body language and the atmosphere around you, making it more comfortable for you and your customer.

And isn’t this a lot closer to the ideal state for buying decisions to be made?

Okay, if a positive attitude affects your success, and you don’t have it, how can you get it?

The answer is found in these three words:




Your attitude, for better or worse, is largely build upon confidence.

Confidence is a reflection of how well you are prepared for the job.

And preparation is founded in practice.

Now, if it all starts with practice, what’s that about?

Practice is when you become so familiar with the tools of your trade that they become second nature.

Practice is the time that you work on all your weak spots until they are under your control.

Practice is where you look at all the things that could go wrong, and work out a way to handle each one.

Practice is how you align your methods with the basic principles of selling.

Okay, then how does this relate to attitude?

Diligent, focused practice results in being prepared for anything that comes up.

When you’re prepared, your confidence is high.

A high certainty and confidence in doing your job creates a positive attitude.

Concentrated practice and thorough preparation equals an easy confidence and a winning, positive attitude.

Just think: Hard practice equals easy selling.

It really is just that simple, if you do the hard work first.

daniel w. jacobs
© 2012-2030, all rights reserved


One Response to “Attitude Is Everything”

  1. I strongly agree with the attitude that they do good to others. Because maybe we were a good attitude helps life with sociable with others.

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