I began thinking about this area of sales, marketing, and interpersonal relationships as a new college student, employed part-time at an accounting firm in East Lansing, Michigan.

At that time in my life, the realization that I had a lot to learn, combined with my natural willingness to learn, proved to be a winning combination. It turned me into a lifelong, interested student of sales, marketing, and most important, people.

A couple decades ago, the President/CEO of a high-tech, international marketing firm approached me to do an investigation and evaluation of the company. Here is what I found.

Income was seriously down with no major sales for six months. Inefficiencies and wasted resources were rampant. Internal distractions prevented focus on external problems. There were too many “moving parts” and little or no real production. In short, it was a mess. Something had to be done fast or the company was going down fast.

The company immediately hired me as the Senior Executive Vice-President and Senior Sales Consultant, rolled up my sleeves, jumped in, and got started.

I knew from long experience that troubles with any organization stem from the top down, so the first step was to clarify the fundamental purpose of the company, starting with the President of the company, and get rid of anything that didn’t progress toward that objective.

Next, the company had to cut the dead weight, and it was my job to find and cut it. I became the chain-saw consultant that everyone hated to see on Friday. Before long we were leaner for sure, but now everyone knew we were serious about making it work and everyone had to step up and pull their weight.

Now it was obvious that the sales force was not operating at their potential and that they were desperately needed to make changes without interfering with any ongoing success they were having.

At this point, my mission was clear:

1) Simplify the internal sales process and get the sales force fully engaged, face to face with potential clients as soon as possible.

2) Build a fully trained and functioning sales force capable of selling seven-figure deals at the highest levels of corporate sales.

3) Increase the closing percentages of highly profitable deals.

4) Intensify focus on excellent delivery and service to the customers.

This is what began a focused, dedicated study to look beneath the fads and fashions of day-to-day selling activities to discover the basic principles of sales then put this in a form that was easily studied, absorbed and instantly applied.

While continuing my daily work with the sales force, I also personally began a total immersion program of my own. I studied the books, manuals, and writings of the experiences of the wisest and most successful people I could find in the field of sales and selling. I attended sales boot camps, lectures, and seminars; read books, listened endlessly to recorded lectures and watched videos on the subject and much more.

Then I threw out everything that was overly complicated or largely unworkable and kept only what worked.

Next, I carefully and quasi-scientifically, examined everything to find out one thing: Wwhy did the common-sense basics work every time?

In hind-site, the answer was obvious:

The common-sense basics worked every time because they are rooted in THE NATURAL LAWS OF SELLING.

This realization was as simple as it was powerful.

If you begin with a bedrock foundation based on natural laws, there is no limit to how far you can expand.

Here’s an example:

In any sales activity, you’re always dealing with people, and people haven’t changed. They still have feelings, opinions, needs and wants, problems and worries today, as they have always had in the past.

Regarding selling, you’re not in the sales business; you’re in the PEOPLE BUSINESS offering products, services, and ideas that they need and want.
Unless you focused on the people first and the sales second, all your fancy tools and methods would fail.

So I coined a phrase: IT’S THE PEOPLE, STUPID, which quickly became the watchword of a formula for success within the company.

My discoveries were thoroughly tested and refined using a real, live, real world working sales force. The results were phenomenally effective. The sales executives began to get more results with less effort and have more fun doing it – exactly what we were hoping for!

I knew I was on to something important. So I started publishing a weekly sales journal for the sales staff, to underscore what was working and introduce new ideas at the same time.

That is how the material in this book “The Natural Laws of Selling,” had its humble beginnings.

With this series of articles, the ‘heavy lifting’ has been done; th SECRET CODE underlying all sales success has been cracked, and it starts with an understanding of people:


The recognition of this fundamental principle opens the door for harnessing the raw power of every time-tested techniques and methods of selling.

In these writings, the basic laws of selling have been found and clearly outlined, and what’s more, they are simple to understand and easy to apply. Any “new discoveries” down the road will likely be refinements or extensions on The Natural Laws of Selling contained in these writings.

All of this is now it is now in your hands, waiting for you to begin.

My purpose is to help you excel to previously unimagined heights. And once these common sense sales basics are understood and applied you will be on your way to accomplishing these goals – and doing it with effortless competence.

Enjoy the ride.

Daniel Jacobs
© 2016, all rights reserved


2 Responses to “Background”

  1. tom russell Says:


    Is your book available in Ireland ?

  2. Tom,

    Thanks for the inquiry. My book is not currently available in Ireland but it will be in a couple months. I should have it available as an online version before too long. I’ll keep you posted.

    Thanks again!


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