Check Your Attitude

Every person is clinging to some attitude about life—he finds it grim, frightening, regretful, maddening or wonderful—but his viewpoint is not governed by reasoning or intellect.

It is determined by emotion – the single, most important common denominator in everyone: emotions.

Three important facts about emotions:

1. There’s a package of fixed responses that goes with every emotion.

2. Emotions fall into a certain order—going from grim to great.

3. There are layers of restrained emotions, commonly unrecognized.

And, your attitude is hard-wired in with your attitude about people, things and life in general.

Which leads us to this conclusion:

Your emotions influence your attitudes.

Your attitudes influence your emotions. 

You can’t separate these two elements. What’s more, your attitude predicts your expectancy about what will happen in your future. People with a bad attitude don’t look forward to things. The less willingly a person contemplates the future, the lower are his chances of winning.

It’s definitely worth examining.

Does your attitudes and emotions help or hinder your success?

Winners consistently expect to win.They exude an attitude and an aura of positive expectancy, where losers seem to have the opposite.

Yes, failure is a part of life, but that doesn’t mean you always have to expect to fail.

Winning is also part of life and you increase your chances enormously if you convey a winning attitude. Even an uncomfortable sense of well-being can do wonders for your attitude.

Anyone who has reached the top in his or her field knows this simple fact: If you expect to win every time, you’ll win far more than you’ll lose. Sometimes this expectancy alone can activate your emotions and give you the determination to win in spite of all odds.

Legendary basketball star, Isiah Thomas agrees:

I’ve always believed no matter how many shots I miss, I’m going to make the next one.”

Your attitude in the present can change your future – just as your attitude about the future can change your present.

Maybe you’d better check your attitude.

Do you really expect to win – or lose?

daniel w. jacobs
2010 -2030, all rights reserved


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