Common Closing Techniques

One of the most important stages of selling is closing the deal.

There are many common closing techniques in sales, which are prescribed actions that sales people take to persuade the customer to make the necessary commitment.

Following are 70 closing techniques with a brief description after each one, most of them well known to sales professionals.

They are presented here as a reminder to the initiated and an introduction to those new to the subject. I make no recommendations on any of them whether for or against. I leave it to the reader to decide what method works for them.

All of these techniques and more are available for study on the Internet for free.

Here are some examples of some common closing techniques:

This is a big list, but in truth, the real list of closing techniques is almost infinite.

Many methods follow this simple rule: ‘Sell on the tangibles, close on the intangibles’ – which is good general advice as a rule of thumb.

But be forewarned that there is no “one-size fits all” selling technique that works for all customers.

The secret is to know the natural laws of selling, then you can easily develop closing techniques that work for you.

daniel w. jacobs
(c) 2012-2030, all rights reserved

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