Credibility in Selling

Everyone agrees that credibility is a scarce and valuable commodity.

But in selling, credibility is indispensable.

You either have it, you get it, or you don’t make the sale.

But where do you find it when it seems like you have to have it before you can get it? You can’t force anyone to think you are credible. It can’t be bought and for that matter, it can’t be sold. It’s invisible, intangible, and seemingly unattainable if you’re not born with it.

Still, it is perceivable to everyone when you do have it. Your credibility seems to have permeated your entire being. It’s perceptible yet untouchable, abstract but obvious, visible and invisible at the same time. As is said of some of the more salacious elements in society, “you know it when you see it.”

Okay, if it’s so important, where can I get some of this stuff?

Here’s the answer.

The key to credibility is trustworthiness, and this made up of a combination of personal integrity, honesty and your reputation.

If you fail to get people to trust you before you do anything else, you might as well pack it up. Nothing else you do will work without it.

One of the easiest ways of establishing trust with the customer is something that you were born with. Be yourself. Customers are not stupid. They know when they’re only getting a sales pitch. And they can sense when you’re not being yourself and not being honest.

You can’t rush this point. Establishing the bond of trust with the customer takes as long as it takes. Occasionally it can happen right off the bat, sometimes not. Never push it. Be yourself with yourself and the client, it will show.

Sometimes, they want to test you out and see if you actually do deliver what you promise. They’ll give you a small order and see how you do. If you’re on time and provide what you promised, confidence and trust will increase and credibility builds. It is then easier to leverage this into a bigger order next time.

Once you do hold the position in their mind as being reliable and trustworthy, guard it with your life. It is much easier to gain the position in the first place than it is to regain it once lost.

Remember that the most important step to close in the selling process happens before the order is placed. Get them to like you and trust you. Only then will you become seen as  credible and worthy of trust.

But wait, that’s not all.

Here is something you may not have suspected.

There is only one reliable way to get them to like you and trust you: You must like and trust yourself first.

And the only way to really trust yourself is to be honest with yourself.

When you do, you become credible to yourself. Then you’ll find that people magically also see you as trustworthy and credible. It’s the easiest and most effective way to get the job done.

If you start by being honest with yourself, trusting yourself comes easy and the rest falls in place

daniel w. jacobs
(c) 1999-2030, all rights reserved


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  1. This is a Good Reference, that I can use every day!

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