Debugging The Sale

When I’m trying to debug a thorny sales closing situation with a salesperson, I always begin by saying this:

“Don’t tell me about the sale, tell me about the people.”


Because long, hard-won experience has taught me one simple fact: When you run into trouble trying to close a deal, adjusting your techniques or tactics will not solve the problem as that’s not where it is coming from.

Look at the people first, that’s where you’ll find both the problems and the solutions to all bugged sales closings.

The real reason for your trouble is not found in your methods. No matter what sales method, technique, tactic, or tool you are using, you will always have trouble unless you learn and use this basic principle:

Handle the people and the business will handle itself.

Graduates of many modern business schools can deal with spread sheets, graphs, case analysis and business plans, but traditionally they don’t get one hour of training on negotiating skills with a live human being.

They end up with a clinical, ivory tower approach to business and selling. And as any entrepreneur or salesman can attest, this is vastly different than dealing with a real live person. If you try to skip this step of handling the people first, or rush through it quickly so you can “seal the deal” – it will come back to bite you!

So, my advice is: Don’t make unnecessary trouble for yourself.

Spend as much time as needed to fully handle the people; this will always make the business side of things go much, much smoother.

They’ll feel better about the purchase and you’ll feel better about the sale.

Handling the people first really is mission-critical.

Because at the end of the day, it’s always about the people, isn’t it?

daniel w. jacobs
(c) 2007-2030, all rights reserved


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