Emotion: The Secret Weapon

Okay, I admit it.  I had fallen into the same trap I’d advised others not to do – a potentially lethal oversight. I assumed everyone knew what I was talking about when I said that emotion was the bridge to action.

My wife – at once my strongest advocate and outspoken critic – gave me the whack on the side of the head I needed.

So why do you say that emotion is the secret to every sale?” she asked.

I replied,  “Err, umm, ah, well, you know – it’s how you feel. Everyone knows that don’t they?”

While fumbling around trying to maintain an erudite, learned façade, I managed to retrieve my trusty, dog-eared dictionary. I discovered the definition of emotion as a mental state that arises spontaneously; a feeling. But it was the derivation that really drove the point home!

The word, emotion comes from Old French esmovoir, to excite, and from Latin movere, to move.

Wait just a minute! Did I read that right? Did it really say, “to excite and to move?

Yes, it most certainly did – precisely what any salesperson is trying to accomplish isn’t it?

Suddenly it all fell into place.  I knew I had discovered the key that unlocked the lock.

Emotion is the most valuable secret in all selling for one reason:

It gets people excited and makes them move!

And how do you get a prospect to move from thinking about it, to doing something? The answer as simple as it is profound.

If you don’t get them emotionally involved, you’re just talking.

Why? Because logic makes people think – emotion makes people act. Now this was getting exciting!

I was looking at this for a moment longer when suddenly the penny dropped.

My realization was this: once customers see a personal benefit for themselves, they simultaneously feel like going into action.

They get excited – and they want to move. (exactly the same as the derivation of the word emotion.)

You’ve reached them emotionally when they can relate to what you’re saying, and imagine a personal benefit from doing business with you. They get excited and feel like going into motion.

Emotion really is the secret weapon, the magnet that attracts and draws the prospect into wanting to do something. It takes the prospect out of the realm of logic or thinking about it and puts them into motion.

And the entrance point to emotion is in discovering what that individual prospect considers a benefit. When you get them to imagine a personal benefit from what you’re offering, they will get excited and go into motion.

On reflection, the combination of these two factors may well be the single most important discovery I’ve ever made in researching the area of sales and selling.

Emotion is that human element that touches the imagination of people, causes people to feel excited and want to move into action. And that occurs when they perceive or imagine a personal benefit for themselves in what you’re offering.

This is as powerful as it is simple.

daniel w. jacobs
© 2006 2030, all rights reserved


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