Establishing Trust

First of all, you must realize that most people are trusting by nature. They’re not commonly born with attitudes of skepticism and cynicism. They do however, learn quickly when their trust is betrayed, and they don’t forget it.

establishing trustAs a sales rep, the element of trust is primary in importance. The byword is: establish their trust in you first, and in the company second.

And the most effective way to do this is by sincerely being yourself – interested in them and helping them with their problems.

It can’t be faked. Either you are the genuine article or you’re not. People can sense such things and when they do, you’ve blown your chances at establishing the important trust factor. It’s going to be a long, hard close at this point, if it’s even possible at all.

Interest is reality. If you’re really not interested in talking to that customer today, get someone else to do it for you. If you force yourself to do it when you’re not interested, you violate your own integrity and your own reality. You will come across as insincere, which you are at that point. They’re trust in you is now tarnished, perhaps permanently damaged.

If you can generate interest in people –  if you are interested in people and if you don’t mind talking and listening to them –  you should do fine in the sales profession. These factors are more important than all the features, advantages and benefits you can rattle off. An interested salesman can get anyone interested in anything.

Interest follows interest. If you’re interested in them, they’re interested in you.

This is the Open Sesame to establishing trust.

Once trust has been established – by making the process as painless as possible and delivering what was promised at a reasonable price – people with usually stick with you. Most people are motivated by instinct and experience to avoid pain and increase comfort. When an activity goes on for a long time and the reward is consistent, that action becomes habitual. They will come to you when they need what you offer because they know they can trust you from prior experience or by referrals from others whom they trust.

Establishing a bond of trust takes as long as it takes. Once established, guard it carefully as it can be weakened by suspicion without proof.

As long as they are confident that you are looking out for their best interests and you continue to deliver what you promise, they will rarely abandon you.

It is a truism that trust is a strong attractor and betrayal is an equally strong negation.

Give them what they want. Don’t promise what you can’t deliver. Deliver what you promise. Remain interested in them no matter what and make them feel important. They’ll never forget it and will stick with you forever.

daniel w. jacobs
(c) 2009 – 2030, all rights reserved


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