Expand Or Contract

You either expand or you contract, and if you’re not expanding . . . you’re contracting.

Change is inevitable in this universe; you’re either going up or you’re going down.  You can never stay level forever

So why is it that certain types of people always end up successful and expanding?  And other people end up on the short end of the stick no matter what advantage they start out with?

Even when given the advantage of knowledge, training or experience, the people in the latter group seem to not be able to apply or use this advantage. Yet people in the former group mentioned above somehow seem to be able to turn any situation into a “win” for not only themselves but those connected with them as well.

So, what is the fundamental difference between these two types of people?

Some people get so involved with negativity that this becomes the theme of their lives and the justification and excuse for their failures; it tends to feed on itself and create more of the same.

Successful people also have a pattern of success in their lives.   But to fully grasp it, you have to look for a reason that is as simple as it is significant.

Successful people have a positive expectancy about their lives.  Whether inborn or from education or training, it’s something that is a part of their natural way of thinking and acting.

Winners may not always have been on top, but the majority of them “expected” to win. Once in a great while, by some fluke, someone who never expected to win ends up crossing the finish line first, but this is the exception.

Do you see yourself as a winner or a loser?  Either way, your opinion of yourself becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy – a positive expectancy or a negative expectancy.  Which one do you have?

If you’re a winner in your own mind, strengthen it. If you see yourself as a loser, take fast action now to change that attitude, using whatever effective method is available.

Your future and your life depend upon it.

daniel w. jacobs
(c) 2010-2030, all rights reserved


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