Getting Paid What You’re Worth

Knowing what you’re worth is valuable knowledge.

A legendary story about automaker Henry Ford holds that he once had a problem with the generators in his factory. He hired electrical genius Charlie Steinmetz to figure out the problem, which he did, and Ford received a bill for $10,000 (an enormous sum in those days).

Steinmetz broke down the outrageous price: It cost $10 to tinker with the generators, but $9,990 for years of learning how to tinker. Ford paid the bill.

The lesson?

Don’t devalue or underestimate the value your skills and services in the marketplace just because,”I’m not busy right now anyway,” “I need the money,” or “the work isn’t that hard.”

Before you take your next job offer, figure out how to get paid what you’re really worth.

Then charge what the market will bear.

daniel w. jacobs
(c) 2010-2030, all rights reserved


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