The Girl In The Window Principle

My friend, Terry Puterbaugh, was telling me about his trip to Amsterdam – a city known for its free-spirited liberalism, diversity, and tolerance – when it hit me!

He was describing the most effective sales tool ever developed; simple and powerful:

To close any sale, you have to capture attention and excite imagination first!

Attention or “thought marketing,” the latest buzz in sales and marketing circles, has been around for ages – ever since political posters were painted on the walls of the arena in ancient Rome. But these girls in the windows of Amsterdam have it down to a science. It is what I have termed, “The Girl In The Window Principle.”

Struggling to make a living these girls are doing business in what is called the Rosse Buurt (Red Light) district of Amsterdam, a highly competitive market. But they are applying this law of selling:

LAW: Before a prospect can imagine benefits you first have to attract their attention.


Here’s how the girls in Amsterdam do it. The Dutch term for this activity is raambordellen. It’s a word to describe the legal practice of window prostitution. The girls are trying to attract the attention potential clients by posing scantily clad in large windows of small rooms in houses along the streets of the Rosse Buurt, one of the red-light districts of Amsterdam. In this way, they hope to get prospective customers to imagine the benefits of doing business together.

Regardless of ones’ personal opinion of such things, the underlying principle is a simple one:

To contact and engage a prospect, you must first attract attention and excite imagination. And what is the best way to attract people’s attention? Simple: Give them something they didn’t expect!

People love surprise. It the key that unlocks the lock to attracting attention, curiosity, interest. Tell them something didn’t expect, and you will get their attention. Show them how they can have what they want, and the deal is closed!

Follow this formula and you’ll close more deals:

1. Surprise attracts attention and interest.

2. Interest arouses imagination and desire.


3. Desire excites demand, want and a demand means a CLOSED DEAL.


When the prospect want what you’re offering, they’ll find a way to get it. 

Daniel Jacobs
(c) 2007, all rights reserved


2 Responses to “The Girl In The Window Principle”

  1. Peter Montee Says:

    Bravo, this magnificent article contains uncommon wisdom of the hidden sales process used by successful pro’s. – Peter

  2. I love instructions! This is laid out so well. Now I’m examining what I use for myself and can definitely work to improve business using these guidelines. I think many of us realize these thoughtful principles, but may not stop to “study” every once in a while. Thanks for your insight! Elena

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