Insiders Secret: the middle 50%

Here is a closely held, insider’s secret that will explain how the top pros stay at the top.

It’s all in the percentages. Just visualize the famous bell curve and you’ll get the idea.

Fact #1

About 25% of the time even an inexperienced sales rep will bring in a closed-sale. The ratio is as high as it is because some buyers have been “pre-sold” by other sales reps or they’ve done their homework before meeting you. If you can give them what they want, at the price they want to pay, they’ll buy, no matter how good (or bad) you are. It’s just the luck of the draw. Of course you can’t just sit back and count on this happening, you must approach each opportunity with the attitude and preparation necessary to close the deal if you want to walk away with at least your 25% ratio.

Fact #2

About 25% of the time, even the master salesman will fail to close a deal. Sometimes, no matter what you do, the deal just will not close. There are times when people won’t buy even if it is in their best interest to do so. There will be other influencing factors (no money, no hurry, no desire) that are beyond your control and the deal is not going to close no matter what you do. Give it your best shot and let it go.

Fact #3

The rest of the prospects, the ones in the middle 50%, are up for grabs. It’s this section that is still in the game and it could go either way.  It’s also where methods of the amateur sales gimmicks and fad tricks will fail, and where the sales rep experienced in the basic principles of selling improves his or her closing ratios dramatically.

The pro knows that this middle area is where they earn their paycheck.  They know the percentages and play them to their advantage.  Those prospects in the middle tend to respond to sales tools in the hands of an expert.  Things such as friendliness, sincere interest, trust, caring, helpfulness, delivering what you promise and other common-sense basics are what will win the day.

Clients in this middle section do not respond to sophomoric attempts at manipulation, force, bullying intimidation, fear or other oddball tricks. The pro sticks to the tried and true sales principles that work, and they regularly out-sell the amateurs, effortlessly.

The first 25% and the last 25% will take care of themselves whether you’re an amateur or a sales master. My purpose is to help you improve your sales-close ratio of the 50% in the middle 50%.

This is where your training and experience pay off.  Knowing the basic principles and utilizing proven methods in this book, combined with a slight adjustment in your focus, and you should see a dramatic increase in your closing percentage.  The middle 50% is yours for the taking.

Good luck.

daniel w. jacobs
(c) 2010-2020, all rights reserved


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