Intelligent Foresight

“Your imagination is your preview of life’s coming attractions“. –  Albert Einstein

A great quote, and one that is part and parcel of all selling endeavors. For instance, have you ever tried to sell to someone with no imagination?

It’s like pulling teeth isn’t it?

This is because selling has to do with futures and imagination deals in futures.

A prospect with no imagination cannot envision a future. Even though it’s like you’re speaking a foreign language, still your job is to help them envision the idea of a desirable future that is attainable, with your help.

There is one distinguishing factor which separates extraordinary salespeople from the ordinary and winners from losers: Intelligent foresight.

If you’re in the sales game, you’ve had it and better get it back; you’ve got it and better use it; or you’d better get it – fast! Because that’s what this game is all about.

It comes from being able to envision, imagine or see how something could be in the future. Unless you can inspire these things in a customer or client, you won’t make the sale. This power of imagination in anyone is only lost by remaining fixed on what has been or what is, instead of what could be.

You’re in the game of getting them to imagine future benefits. This is what you’re selling. But it all starts with you. If you can’t imagine a better future for yourself, you won’t sell the customer or prospect on that idea either.

The sales rep that can recognize and strengthen their own abilities in this area is the one who will also inspire and enhance their customer’s lives at the same time.

Such salespeople should be treasured for the immeasurable value they bring to any person, business, country or culture.  Just by using the power of imagination and intelligent foresight they ignite these elements in others.

Inspiring others to envision a better future ads value to their lives. Then helping them see that they too can attain their vision becomes a powerful incentive for them to work with you.

Keep your eyes open for those with salespeople with imagination and intelligent foresight because you may just discover that you are one of them.

daniel w. jacobs
(c) 2009-2030, all rights reserved


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