Invisible Footprints

You’re all doing it all the time, whether you know it or not.

Just as your physical footprints leave impressions of where you’ve been and the direction of where you’re going, there are other footprints of another kind. These invisible footprints can have a much greater influence on your life and the lives of others.

They are formed by our daily contact and experiences with others and they create desirable or undesirable impressions that you leave behind.

If you’re alive, you’re interacting with others. Whether you intend it or not, your thoughts, ideas, words, and actions or inactions with other people leave a trail that can shape others opinions of you.

A common inaction – when action is expected – is the failure to respond to a communication with an adequate respond. For example, how you feel when someone you care about doesn’t return your call or fails to respond at all? Their no-answer speaks volumes doesn’t it?

I can tell a lot about anyone by how they respond to something I say or write to them. I can tell when they haven’t even read my letter or listened to my message, by their response – or lack thereof.

My favorite is when someone responds in a glib, offhand manner to something that was important to me. They use the one-word, “gotcha” response or some equally inadequate answer. It leaves an imprint to be sure, and not a good one. I know that they didn’t get what I was saying and likely didn’t even read it, if their answer leaves me scratching my head, thinking, “What the hell does that mean?”

Your actions and inactions can work the same way and affect your life and the lives of others.

These are the invisible footprints that remain in your absence. They can have a potent impression on others long after you have gone – just as those left by others, do to you.

Take care to ensure the unintended consequences of your actions or inactions with others leave behind a positive unexpected benefit, because the invisible footprints you receive are remarkably similar to the ones you leave.

daniel w. jacobs
(c) 2007-2020, all rights reserved


One Response to “Invisible Footprints”

  1. Rafael Jastine Says:

    GREAT ARTICLE! It doesn’t address sales directly, yet it has “everything” to do with sales! Remember these words when you’re just “meeting and greeting” potential clients. It will open the door to future sales. – from Rafael@mac

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