It’s Not Personal – Or Is It?

Ever heard this before? “Its not personal. It’s just business.

If you have, likely it was just before you lost that big account you were sure was in the bag, or at the same time that someone handed you a pink slip.

The adage is used most often only when the person saying it is trying to justify the bad things they’ve done (or about to do), that they’re not particularly proud of.

The truth is, in sales, as in business or in life, this phrase is simply not true.

In fact, its always about the people.

Which, by definition, means: selling is always personal.

Techniques and methods can and do change but the basic, fundamental laws of dealing with people never change and this is one of them: Selling is personal. Always.

You can adjust your selling tactics any way you like but ensure they align with this underlying fundamental:

Understand people and you’ll understand all selling.

If you build your selling strategy on a bedrock of understanding people first, you’ll find yourself able to best the challenges from any changing business environment.


Because it is is never just business, selling is always personal.

daniel w. jacobs
(c) 2012-2030, all rights reserved


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