Just Tell The Truth

You won’t find this in other books on selling, and believe me, this one sales tip is worth its weight in gold!

Here it is.

Natural laws, or basic truths, do exist.

Such truths can be called natural laws or basic principles because they are as powerful and predictable as the laws of nature.

If you know and can use the laws, you gain an advantage over those who do not.

Such laws also exist in the profession of selling.

One natural law is this: just tell the truth.

If a working definition for truth is something that works, this one definitely does the job.

When everything else fails,  just telling the truth will cut the Gordian knot of any thorny situation.

It simplifies complexities and gets you out of more messes, tough spots and delicate situations than you can imagine. Also, it’s far easier to remember what you said than trying to keep track of lies!

Living with truth gives you control, influence and persuasiveness beyond wildest expectations.

And, importantly, it’s the only game in town because no one else is doing it and you’ll stand out from the crowd if only for this reason.

Here’s a quick example from my personal experience from many years ago, calling into use this most basic of all selling principles.

I was a greenhorn salesman sitting in front of the prospective customer, inwardly nervous while outwardly trying to put up a good front as the prospect was more experienced in sales than I was.

I decided to come clean and lay the truth on the line.

I said, “I’m not a salesman. I don’t know anything about selling, but I do know about (the service I was selling) and I am as certain that it is right for you, as I have ever been in my life.  And I know I’m the one who will work harder than anyone to get you want you want, when you want it.”

Evidently my candor surprised him as I got his attention, his interest and ultimately the sale!

I learned a valuable and important lesson that day.

If you really want to get someone’s attention, tell the truth and they’ll never forget you.


Because truth has a power and simplicity to it that cuts through lies, deception and slick sales patter.

Truth knows has no borders, answers to no authority and is owned by no one person; You’ll know it when you see it as it shines like Mars at Perihelion – – ubiquitous, undeniable, unchangeable and unstoppable.

And what’s more, it will take everyone by surprise because it’s something nobody expects.

daniel w. jacobs
(c) 2010 – 2030, all rights reserved


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