Look, Don’t Listen

Sometimes it’s better to stop listening and start looking.

When you have an area or a section indirectly under your supervision, you have to rely on others to do their jobs without being continually watched.

But, it’s a quirk of human nature that people tend to do a better job when production is monitored and measured. This is where accurate reporting and true reports are vital, and when you’re not there in person, you have to rely on second-hand reports and statistics.

When a thorny problem just will not resolve in spite of a careful examination of the statistics and reports, it’s time for you to get down there and look, don’t listen.

Don’t accept any more verbal or written reports. Explanations, reasons or justifications are useless at this point. Only personal inspection will show up what needs to be handled at this point. You’re getting inaccurate reports, accidentally or intentionally. It’s time to look, don’t listen because only a personal inspection will sort this out at this point.

Here are some tips.

Trust your instincts and don’t ignore warning signs. When troubles and problems continually stem from one area, “for no reason” – somebody’s got a big secret or someone is lying, no matter what you’re being told.

When a new person comes into an area and things rapidly deteriorate, investigate and remove that individual.

I thinks start to noticeably improve in an area, investigate and find out why? Then give that person or section some recognition.

But, above all, when things start to slide, don’t ignore it.

In this situation, your best route is to look, don’t listen.

Only then will you find out what is really going on and have at least a chance of correcting it.

daniel w. jacobs
(c) 2010 – 2030, all rights reserved


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