Mixed Messages Indigestion

I once worked with a company run by a dynamic individual who was convinced he could sell anybody anything.

Mostly, he was right; but his one weakness was in mixing messages by trying to sell more than one idea at a time.

He uniformly ended up giving the client, “mixed messages indigestion.”

You’ll see examples of this all the time with marketing products or services like, “Oil Change and Tanning Booth” (while you wait) or “Landscaping Services and Dental Cleaning” or “High-Tech Marketing Services and Burial Insurance.”

These are obviously gags. But mixing messages can get pretty bad, leaving people walking away scratching their heads about what you’re selling.

People have a limited digestion for too many ideas or messages at the same time. They can absorb only one idea at a time. If your presentation allows them to grasp one idea after another in logical, sequential fashion, they’ll follow you to your conclusion.  Otherwise, you’ll lose them and they’ll do nothing.

A certain recipe for failure is to give your presentation on a product or service and ALSO include a pitch for the client to donate to your favorite charity. You’re mixing messages.

Stick to one idea at a time and you’ll avoid creating “mixed messages indigestion” in the prospect. If you give them too many at once, they’ll drift off and you’ll lose their attention and interest. You’ll also lose the sale. Just don’t do it.

Keeping a consistent focused message is the watchword. You have to watch for this in every customer interaction. It is very easy to drift away from your target chasing red herrings.

It is, in fact, one of the most common mistakes made by salespeople.

Don’t confuse the customer. If you mix messages they become confused.

If they are confused, they can’t decide and if they can’t decide, they won’t buy.

Focus on one message at a time and it will work out just fine.

daniel w. jacobs
(c) 2009-2030, all rights reserved


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  1. I wish to say that this article is amazing, well written and informative.

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