Non-Verbal Clues

4-non-verbal-eyePeople always believe non-verbal over verbal clues.

They look for what you’re not saying that will enable them to find out more about you. They do this by picking up non-verbal clues and this can work either for or against you.

You’re in the business of getting people to like you and trust you as a salesman or woman. Your words can be sincere and convincing. But there is one unintentional non-verbal signal that can create the death knell of any sale, creating doubt in the client.

You can be 99% convincing and trustworthy and you’ll kill the deal if you leave just 1% thread of doubt in their minds.

The key to success is to be totally consistent in the message you’re trying to get across.

This means every detail has to align in a way that says exactly what you want it to say, and nothing else.

Some examples of non-verbal clues are the way you answer the phone, your tone of voice, does your voice convey a smile? Here are more examples: Do you return phone calls as expected, or not? How do you treat employees or waitresses? Do you show up when promised or follow through with a promised favor? All of these clues and more convey a non-verbal message of who you really are.

You must be consistent and this means all the time.

Everything about you must be doing useful work in getting your message across, or else it’s working against you.

Evaluate your sales presentation regularly or have someone else do it for you. Then ruthlessly eliminate all the weak points that don’t contribute to your message. Get rid of the baggage and unnecessary clutter that can creep into your presentation. Clean house of all your verbal and non-verbal elements. Do it today!

Here is the fundamental principle behind this:

People always believe non-verbal clues over what you say.

Non-verbal clues can cause doubt in the prospect that will color everything else you say.

They may believe your words but doubt your message.

Become truthful and consistent in every aspect of your verbal and non-verbal interactions with your clients and you’ll avoid this potentially fatal flaw in your sales presentations.

Don’t give them a reason to doubt.

daniel w. jacobs
(c) 2009-2030, all rights reserved


4 Responses to “Non-Verbal Clues”

  1. Very simple and often forgotten and or overlooked point in making the sale!

  2. Dave Collee Says:

    Dan, Excellent points to remember. Very much in agreement. Thanks, Dave

  3. Cary Kilner Says:

    An EXCELLENT article, very pertinent, very original!

  4. Eddy Curtis Says:

    This article is masterfully written as a presentation of truth for all to live by. It was meant to be crisp, simple, and straight to the point. Perhaps it was also written for you to wake up and face your worst enemy… YOU.

    As individuals (and as a society), we have overburdened ourselves with being too critical of others rather than to focus within ourselves, therefore we have become unsatisfied within our own skins because of generations of misdirection and forgetting our own powers of self awareness simply lie within easy reach.

    The article is a gentle, yet firm reminder for us to get back to basics, recognize common truths, and to apply them CONSISTENTLY in daily living. Everything else will undoubtedly fall into place.

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