Open Sesame

Has anyone ever casually asked you this question?

“So, what business are you in?

Did your answer create confidence and opportunity or negate it?

Every successful salesperson knows the secret to answering this question effectively – and now so will you.

First your answer has to accomplish one thing: It must attract their attention. If what you say is also is able to spur their curiosity, this magically becomes the “Open Sesame” to further engaging their interest in you.

Ali_BabaThe phrase “Open Sesame” comes from the Arabic adventure tale “Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves.” As the story goes, Ali Baba overheard a group of 40 thieves reveal two magic words, which when spoken, would allow entrance to their treasure trove of gold. The two secret words were “Open Sesame.” And once Ali Baba knew the secret, he used it to open the door to the trove and gather the gold for himself.

Similarly, there are two magic words in all sales success.

They are: attention and curiosity.

What is Attention? It means a directed or focused awareness on something or someone.

You’ll find that an individual actually creates that which he puts his attention on. If you someone’s attention, they tend to become interested in what you’re saying.

Now, as there are always different stimuli, external and internal, all vying for attention, you have to be able to rise above those things and engage their attentiveness more than the others.

How do you do this? It’s easy. Just ask yourself, what gets your attention?

Isn’t it something you didn’t expect; a surprise, a challenge, a question, or a different way of saying something that stimulates your thoughts? For most people, it is.

What is curiosity? It is a desire to learn or know more. It is when something surprising, unusual, or novel catches and engages your attention. It comes from the word inquisitive, meaning questioning or interested.

These two words are part and parcel of any selling activity; basic elements which cannot be avoided, in the same way that interacting with people is part and parcel of any salesperson’s job.

Study them well, as these two factors may well be more powerful than otherwise suspected.

daniel w. jacobs
© 2009 – 2030, all rights reserved


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