Quick Thinking, Fast Action

Long-term survival in the sales business depends on your ability to think quickly and act faster than your competition.

The following well-worn, anecdote illustrates.

As the story goes, a tough chairman of a major company on Wall Street stopped into a well known restaurant simply named, ’21’ for a quick bite.

Not being very hungry he asked the waiter for half of a sirloin steak. Normally the waiter would simply have told him the restaurant didn’t serve half-steaks but given the importance of this customer, the waiter agreed and left for the kitchen.

Unbeknownst to the waiter, the chairman followed him to the kitchen to tell him he wanted the steak rare.

As the waiter announced to the chef, “I need a half-steak for a real jerk,” he noticed the chairman standing behind him. Without missing a stroke, continued to comment to the chef, “and the other half goes to this gentleman.”

This demonstrates the ability of quick thinking and fast action on the part of the waiter, narrowing avoiding an embarrassing situation.

There are three elements which comprise the underlying principle at work in this story:

1.  A keen ability to see a real or potential threat of danger correctly, before it happens.

2.  The willingness and imagination to instantly assess the situation and choose on the correct action.

3. The courage to take action without hesitation or doubt.

The ability to correctly observe incipient danger is a result of training, experience and familiarity with the area under investigation.

The willingness to decide stems from the ability to evaluate the relative importances of what is involved and think in correct sequences.

The willingness to act is a byproduct of the courage to follow your instincts on taking immediate action to minimize or eliminate the threat or danger.

As the story above illustrates, quick thinking and fast action will help you avoid more trouble than you imagine.

It’s definitely worth knowing and using.

daniel w. jacobs
(c) 2009-2030, all rights reserved


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