Quickie Sales

The impulse to “quickie” the tried and true ways of attaining a quality product, service, or life for that matter, leads to the omission of vitally important steps. The result is a focus entirely upon the ubiquitous“ bottom line” and the lessening of importance of the “invisible” steps necessary to producing anything of real value.

In life this is dangerous, in sales it is deadly. It is a nearly terminal disease that once takes hold is almost impossible to cure. It’s even worse when by chance this happens to lead to a sale. For when one salesman begins to shorten the sales procedure to only the “close” and focus only on the money, and “accidentally” closes the sale as a result, others will follow. In the fallacious belief that “getting the money” is the same as a sale, they tend now to drop out all the hard-won experience that has proven successful over the long run.

The “newest and latest” sales fad takes over as if there were some hidden mantra that they could intone and instantly close the sale.

Sadly, individual sales people, entire businesses and whole sectors of the economy can hypnotically follow this path to disaster and eventually end up shipwrecked on the shoals of the reality of real life.

This old saying summarizes the concept:

You can have it quick, free or good. But you can’t have all three.

(c) 2001 Daniel Jacobs, all rights reserved



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