Sales Basics

I’ve read that if you really want to know your subject, write a book and I agree.

It provides instantaneous feedback about what you really know or not when trying to put your thoughts into words.

Personally, what I’ve discovered is this. If I have any uncertainty about any area of sales – that doubt is exposed when trying to explain it in writing. Putting thoughts into words on paper so that another can understand simply requires a better understanding than just talking about it.

I will let the book speak for itself as to how successful I am. I do know, that when I read the words in each article, they make sense and create an impact on me, even after the many times I’ve read each one. I hope you feel the same.

My purposes in this series of articles are simple if powerful:

a. To make known this fact: all sales basics are based on natural laws.

b. To reorient salespeople to the basic principles of all successful selling.

c. To provide new, effective methods of using these sales basics, today.

knowledgeIt’s often said, knowledge is power; accepting this as true, it follows that knowledge applied is directed power.

It is a power that gets you into action on the path to consistent success as a sales rep. Academic knowledge alone is not power. Knowledge put to use in the real world is real power.

Knowledge applied is the goal of all my writings to help you sell effectively, efficiently and effortlessly.

With twenty-five years of hands-on experience in direct and indirect sales experience, I can help you sell better and understand why it’s happening – and it doesn’t require an overhaul, just a precise tune-up that will open the door to gaining the results desired.

Sometimes a simple adjustment in the focus of your selling efforts can bring about swift, positive changes, but you have to know what to change and what to leave alone. I’m not trying to reshuffle the deck, just get you to use what you already know to better advantage.

For example, two of the most important steps in any improvement activity is to realize that there is something to learn and to sort out why you are learning it.

You have to work out how what you are learning will apply to your own day-to-day activities. If you can’t do that then what you’re studying will be of little or no use to you and it will not result in you being able to apply it.

It is my considered opinion that the salespeople doing their job, day in and out, is what helps the manufacture, distribution, sale and consumption of the goods and services that we take for granted.

My hat is off to them for the tireless job they do in making the “business of business” work. Anything I can do to make their job easier and more effective is interesting to me.

I will have succeeded if I can get you to realize that there are natural laws of selling, and that if known and applied, this alone will stabilize your selling methods and dramatically intensify your results.

daniel w. jacobs
(c) 1998-2030, all rights reserved


One Response to “Sales Basics”

  1. Wow! this website is chocked full of great data! Very interesting and useful.

    Curt Wilson, President

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