Sales Longevity

The word longevity stems from Latin, longaevus, meaning, long-lived; something all of us wish for, especially in the profession of sales.

But there is something even more important.

Sales longevity is not just measured by the length of time at the job, but also the value you give others through your efforts.

Giving value to others is the only guarantee of happiness to accompany a long career.

Here are eleven points which also happen to be universal principles for success.

1. Be true to yourself.

2. Be worthy of trust and give value.

3.  Be sincerely interested in people.

4.  Ensure that people are the most important part of every sale.

5.  Take care of people first and the business second.

6.  Keep it simple. Keep it real. Be yourself.

7.  Under-promise and over-deliver.

8.  Never force the customer or you create resistance.

9.  Your job is to help people get what they want as painlessly as possible.

10.  All selling is a human activity of exchange for mutual benefit.

11.  An indelible impression is forever etched into the memory by how you make them feel.

daniel w. jacobs
(c) 2010-2030, all rights reserved


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