Sales Maturity

It comes with the territory.

There are times in any salesperson’s life when you’ll feel angry, frustrated, hopeless, and even ready to throw in the towel.

But if you expect long-term success in selling, you must learn to control over your emotions instead of letting them control you, especially when dealing with customers and clients.

This ability, well known to top salespeople, is called, sales maturity.

What is it?

It is the disciplined ability to respond appropriately as a professional with your attention on the big picture, instead of with the immature, emotional overreaction of an amateur.


This is a key ingredient in dealing with people, especially in business situations, when customers are under the stress of spending money and their commitment.

Keeping your attention on others feelings, and providing value without reacting emotionally, will add an atmosphere of professionalism and maturity to the equation.

Question: How do you do it?

Answer: The easiest to control your attention first and your emotions will follow.

After all your emotions are monitored by what your attention is on to a marked degree, aren’t they?

So, instead of trying to control your emotions, just shift your attention to something else, you’ll be surprised at how easy and effective this is.

Just take a break, look around the room, cool down and reboot your “attention controller” until it is under your control and you’ll find that your emotions follow suit without effort.

Practice this simple technique will help you create a stress-free buying environment for your customers.

And that’s what we’re all looking for anyway isn’t it?


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