Sales Maxims for Life

Lets assume you’ve only got five minutes to jump-start your day with a high-octane boost of inspiration.

Read a couple of these sales maxims for life with your morning coffee and I guarantee you’ll find something to rapid-launch a successful day.

1. Want to sell without selling? Look for what you have in common before you get into what you’re trying to get agreement on.

2. The minute you start worrying about whether or not you are going to succeed, you’ve already cut your chances in half.

3. To connect with people: slow down and listen. It’s the only way to find what you have in common.

4. If your attention is on the customer, you won’t have time to be nervous, anxious or self-conscious.

5. What’s the end result of worry and doubt? More doubt and more worry.

6. All things not being equal, people would always rather buy from their friends.

7. If you don’t believe in yourself, why should anyone else?

8. If selling is not fun for you, it won’t be fun for the customer. The economic whip should not be your only motivation for selling.

9. Advertising and marketing may provide the ingredients but salespeople make the stew.

10. Sales is a contact sport. If you not in contact with people, you will sell nothing.

11. If you are only thinking about spending your commission, the prospect will soon start coming up with money issues.

12. Attention follows attention and interest follows interest. If you want to be interesting, be interested.

13. The key to selling: Capture attention – excite imagination.

14. The “Four C’s” of selling: Contact, Communicate, Connect, Close.

15. Put the people first. One of the biggest mistakes you can make is to focus on the close instead of the people.

16. If you want to stand out from the crowd, tell the truth. Honesty is a scarce commodity these days.

17. Underpromise and over deliver.

18. If you say it, it’s doubtful. If they say it, it’s true.

19. A motionless salesperson creates nothing. Emotion creates motion.

20. Emotion is the secret weapon of any successful salesperson.

21. People buy emotionally and then justify it logically.

22. Logic makes people think. Emotion makes people act! Which would you prefer?

23. If you can’t identify with and understand the clients’ feelings or difficulties, neither of you will be happy with the outcome.

24. Intelligent questioning and active listening is the way to discover what the prospect really wants.

25. If you’re doing all the talking, you’ll end up knowing nothing more than you started with.

26. Stop selling when you’re closing, or you will talk yourself out of the sale.

27. If the client doesn’t see you as the solution, you’re the problem.

28. Forcing or bullying the client will always create resistance.

29. Clients don’t always know what they want – but they always know what they don’t want.

30. Confidence breeds confidence. Certainty breeds certainty. Honesty breeds honesty. The reverse is also true.

31. Honest is in scant supply. To stand out from the crowd, tell the truth.

32. Selling is about them; it’s never about you.

33. When an indifferent customer now starts coming up with objections, they’re starting to consider buying.

34. Unless the prospect can see a personal benefit in what you’re presenting, you won’t make the sale.

35. Anything is considered valuable to the degree if someone wants it. Your task is to nurture the desire created by marketing and advertising and turn it into a sale.

36. Success may be possible when preparation meets opportunity – but only when you have the guts to jump in and take advantage of it.

37. Ask for the order. You’ll never get the order you don’t ask for.

38. The customer’s motivation for buying is rarely because you’re broke and need the money – unless her name is Mom.

39. In sales, “conventional wisdom” is usually neither. Good instincts combined with common sense logic are far more valuable.

40. Make clients feel something and you create a timeless, indelible impression.

41. If you say it, it’s doubtful. If they say it, it’s true!

42. Logic and facts tell. Stories sell.

43. Don’t keep repeating a mistake to prove that you didn’t. Face up to it and move on.

44. Understand the “purchasing process” of the prospect as well as you do the “sales process” of your company.

45. The prospect will begin to believe you’re important once you recognize that they are.

46. Don’t tell them you can solve their problems before they recognize there is a one.

47. When you have to give a “money-back guarantee” to close the deal, you haven’t done your job. Don’t guarantee results for areas you don’t directly control.

48. If they ask you what time it is – don’t tell them how to build a watch.

49. Ideally, people want it free, perfect and fast. But they’ll be satisfied if you can get as close as you can to that goal.

50. No salesperson has ever listened themselves out of a sale.

51. “Selling” is an action verb. “Sold” is the past tense of sell.

52. If you don’t trust yourself, neither will the prospect.

53. The first law of selling: Just show up.

54. The minute you start worrying about whether or not you are going to succeed, you’ve already cut your chances in half.

55. You’re not in the sales business; you’re in the people business.

56. Contact to connect. Engage to persuade. Illustrate to illuminate. Simplify to clarify. Demonstrate to penetrate.

57. Want to know how to get anyone’s attention? Surprise them. Be interested in them. Help them. Give them more than they expected. Make them feel they are the most important customer you have today. They’ll never forget you.

daniel w. jacobs
(c) 2009-2030, all rights reserved


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