Sales Principles and Practices

479939_10151811353895752_763388828_nPrinciples and practices are the woof and warp which make up the fabric of all selling activities.

Principles are the underlying structure on which all sales success are built and practices are the methods of applying basic principles in day-to-day sales efforts. If your practices don’t align with your principles, you’re looking for trouble.

Here is one of the basic selling principles, too often violated:

Force creates resistance.

If your practices or methods involve bullying a prospect into buying something, you will generate resistance for yourself that wasn’t there to begin with. It just doesn’t make sense, does it?

So, why do so many sales reps continue to violate this principle with the practice of schoolyard intimidation tactics? I discovered the answer to this question when I started looking for what was not there, but that should have been.

It has remained hidden for so long because correcting something that is ‘not there’ or that is invisible, invariably is the last place anyone looks for it. People who should know better make this mistake every day in the world of sales.

Here is the answer: All difficulties in selling begin with an ignorance of the fundamental and an unshakable faith in the methods.

But obsessively changing methods will never correct the underlying problem of missing fundamentals.

The time-proven, self-evident, basic selling principles are the rudiments, which provide the stable foundation necessary for success in the field.

They can withstand the confusions and difficulties that go with and day-to-day selling activities because they are based on the common sense basics and not some new selling fad or fashion that changes faster than you can learn to use it.

Stability and prosperity in the field develop from knowledge of the fundamental principles and a disciplined application of workable practices that align with the principles.

In most cases, once you know the principles, your practices start to make sense and become more effective.

Almost any practice or method will work once you align them to the basic principles.

daniel w. jacobs
(c) 2012-2030, all rights reserved


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  1. looking for all principles and methods related to Sales/Business
    Hope your book will be ready Soon ?

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