Sell The Dream

Never sell the product – sell the dream.

This is a similar concept to top-level poker players when they say, ”Play the man, not the cards.”

Or the master musician who says, “Don’t play the notes, play the music.”

The message is the same, no matter how you say it: It’s always about the people and how you make them feel.

You’re selling a person on an idea, an opportunity, a lifestyle, a feeling that comes from owning the product, not the product itself. People like to own, they don’t like to buy. Owning is fun, buying isn’t.

For example, even if you’re involved in the real estate business, you’re still in the people business. You’re not selling a house; you’re selling a home, an experience, a feeling, an atmosphere and an environment.

Get some photos that represent the warmth, security, the feeling of a cozy life that is desirable to people everywhere. Then write some copy that captures this idea. Next, start promoting this everywhere you can. Get creative on places and locations to place this information and not spending any money on doing it.

We now live in a new and different world of marketing. The tools at your disposal only 10 years ago are outdated and nearly obsolete. The Internet is ubiquitous and has taken over. It is the greatest direct marketing tool the world has ever seen and it’s mostly free, and it’s growing exponentially on a daily basis.

But there is one thing that never changes: Always sell the dream, not the product.

daniel w. jacobs
(c) 2009-2030, all rights reserved


2 Responses to “Sell The Dream”

  1. Very good advice, especially for my profession, interior design. If done correctly and hiring the right designer, we create the environment the client most wants to live in.
    By extensive interviewing, we get to know our clients sometimes better than they know themselves. There is nothing I like better than hearing, “we use that room all the time now”, or “it’s so much more warm and cozy”. It’s not about selling them the most expensive drapery or sofa, but creating an atomosphere, a haven for them to come home to, or in some cases work in. I think your advise is good for many, many professions! Right on!

  2. Eva, it’s clear that you are already using this concept to good effect (creating an atmosphere etc.). Thanks for the feedback.

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