Sell Yourself First

A lot of misinformation exists on the subject on selling.

Use some of it at your peril, for it can often stop your sales faster than Synders’ hound (the fastest hound in S.W. Virginia, so the story goes).

I’ve even seen this definition of selling, which is patently wrong: “Selling is the act of persuading someone to buy something through reasoning or argument.”

What? “persuading with argument?” Where does this fit into a sales definition? It really pains me that this type of incorrect information is put forth as true or workable.

The truth is this.

Once you begin arguing, badgering or bullying someone as a way of making the sale, you’re creating sales resistance that you’re trying to avoid. What’s more, it’s impossible to force a prospect to agree with you or to trust you; it just doesn’t work.

Both agreement and trust must be freely given or they don’t exist.

So why so many sales people continue to make this mistake?

The answer is simple: they’re focusing on the wrong thing.

Nearly all the initial sale training and indoctrination focuses on usual features, advantages and benefits of selling a specific product or service. Then the neophyte salesperson, head crammed with facts, figures, and details about products and services as their primary focus, inevitably neglect the most important factor: the customer!

The basic principle is obvious:

All things being equal, people would rather buy from their friends.

So the first target must be to make them your friend. Of course, the easiest way to do this is to find common ground with the customer. Friends are people you have something in common with; something you both agree on; or something you both like and can talk about easily.

Anytime you try to convince, persuade or force the prospect to buy something before they like you and trust you, you’re setting yourself up for failure. Why? Because most prospects base their buying instincts on how they feel around you – and they get this message almost instantly.

Yes, it’s true that sometimes customers try to ignore their instincts and push aside their doubts of your veracity. After all, most customers want to believe that you are honest and trustworthy. But too often that nagging feeling of doubt remains far longer than the purchase.

Her is the correct selling sequence, and one you must know well:

 Sell yourself first, the product second.

And this translates to:

 To make a sale, first make a friend.

This is based on a fundamental of life: When you try to take step two before you’ve fully and successfully completed step one, you’ll fall on your head In selling, this means sell yourself first and the product second.

agreementBasically, all selling actions, activities and methods are based on establishing agreement and trust. If you’re doing anything else, you’re making your job a lot harder than it should be.

The secret behind selling yourself first is simple: focus on gradually building agreement, and then friendship and trust will follow naturally.

If you’re having trouble with the sales closing, 90% of the time it’s because you skipped this first step of building agreement and trust. This first step takes as long as it takes; don’t force the customer just because you’re in a hurry.

Selling is easy, when you do it the right way.

daniel w. jacobs
(c) 2011-2030, all rights reserved


6 Responses to “Sell Yourself First”

  1. Fantastic! I love it when I find out more about the inside story of how selling works. This helps me understand more about what I’m doing.

  2. I do not even know the way I ended up here, however I thought this article was great. I don’t know who you might be, but definitely you are going to be a well-known blogger. Cheers!

  3. Great Advice

  4. Thank you. I’m learning as I go, and things like this help a lot.

  5. Lanre kadri Says:

    Lesson understood.
    Quite informative.

  6. This is the Real Secret to creating sales!

    Think of it like your music, without harmony there is no music,
    without rapport there is no sale..

    Life is sales and you’re the product!

    95% of salespeople are predictable and don’t get it!

    Jimmy Crimmins

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