Seven Tips for the Week

Have you ever decided that you’re going to get something done, no matter what? And that nothing is going to stop you?

If so, the following tips will be very familiar.

If not, then I believe these tips could be very helpful to you.

Seven Tips

1.  Nothing can stop you unless you first agree that you want to stop.

2.  Nothing can change you unless you have decided you want to change.

3.  Nothing can start you until you resolve that you want to start.

4.  Nothing can harm you unless you think that it is harmful.

5. Your life will be as good or bad as you decide it’s going to be – no one can do it for you.

6.  Want to know how your life will turn out? Take a look at what you’re doing today.

7.  Your thoughts, decisions, feelings and actions right now, are creating what your future will look like.

daniel w. jacobs
(c) 2012-2030, all rights reserved


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