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Book Review: The Natural Laws Of Selling now available on

Posted in Sales and Life with tags , , on May 16, 2014 by Daniel Jacobs

Book Review: The Natural Laws Of Selling by Daniel Jacobs

Book Review: The Natural Laws Of Selling by Daniel Jacobs

Rarely does any book present a new way of thinking, especially about the field of sales. But this is such a book; presenting a fresh new approach to the science and art of selling. It is based on an exciting, new discovery of how to harnesses the raw power of the unchanging Natural Laws Of Selling.
The premise of this book is simple and straightforward: Acting in accordance with the natural laws of selling can increase your personal power in all areas of your life, especially in selling. Simply stated: Mastering the fundamentals is always senior to the endless accumulation of techniques.
Once you know WHY a sale takes place, and start to understand HOW the inner workings of the selling process really work, stress and failures are replaced by confidence and results. Techniques and methods of selling are limited only by your imagination once you understand the basic principles. And these natural laws are definitely worth knowing, as they are the driving force behind all selling, no matter what method or technique is being used. Why not save time and energy (and see better results) by aligning your methods with the basic principles of selling in the first place?
For one thing, you won’t ever have to resort to forcing the customer again, a concept rooted in one of the most important natural laws in all selling: “force creates resistance.”
The answers are all there, waiting for you to unleash their power. By harnessing the strength of these basic principles, one can generate an intensity that compelling persuasive in selling anything. –