The 2% Club

The 2% Club is that elite group at the very top of this profession. I wrote this book to help you recognize, develop and refine the personal characteristics necessary to be a member.

Fully digesting and understanding the principles and concepts involved takes an investment of time. But it’s worth it. As the top 2% of salesmen and women who knock down the big commissions and salaries already know.

Like anyone at the top of their game, true professionals live and breathe sales 24/7. They are either thinking about it, studying about it, practicing it, or directly involved in the activity.

A story about top basketball pro Kobe Bryant, star basketball player for the L.A. Lakers provides a good example.

It is well known that Kobe works harder and is more focused at being the best at his game than nearly anyone playing the game. When a reporter once asked him how he stayed on top of his game, improving it year after year, his answer was predictable but enlightening.

I get to the practice court before most of the team is out of bed in the morning. To keep on top of my three-point shots, for example, I shoot at least 1,000 shots every morning. Then I do the same with all other aspects of the game just to keep my balance and coordination of my skills all working together. I work at it every day.”

We can all take a lesson from him.

Careful study, focused practice and correct repetition of the basics skills involved will improve yougame and move you toward the top.

You can bet that if you’re not doing it, your competition is.

daniel w. jacobs
© 2009-2030, all rights reserved


2 Responses to “The 2% Club”

  1. where is your book if on amazon ?
    thx for your site

  2. The book will be available for download initially. It will be released this fall. Thanks for your comments.

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