The Answer

At the onset, my goal was to discover why many salespeople ran into difficulties in reaching their sales targets consistently.

I found this answer to my question: Salespeople didn’t know the basics of the subject.

These are the fundamentals that are found in the universal, immutable natural laws of selling.

The reason the answer remained undiscovered for so long was simple: it was invisible.

To find it, I had to look for what was not there – but should be. If you are unaware of something, it is, by definition, “not there” for you. Mostly, before this book, most people didn’t even suspect that these natural laws existed.

My discovery was the answer to the question of why some salespeople were consistently successful and why some never seemed to make the grade. This answer also opens the door to developing sales training methods that will allow the student to know what to do and why they are doing it.

Students of the subject, when trained at all, have been trained in methods and techniques of how to sell, without ever being exposed to why those techniques worked. So, inevitably, when they ran into trouble, they didn’t know why it happened or how to fix it.

They were deficient in knowledge of the natural laws of selling that tell you why things work the way they do.

A natural law is not invented; it already exists and is discovered by careful observation.

The truth of the law is empirically supported. You only need look to see it for yourself.

Natural law exists independent of opinions and considerations. It allows you to predict consequences and adjust or align your actions accordingly. It works whether or not you agree with the law.

The simple truth is: The techniques and methods consistently work only when they align with the natural laws of selling.

Having trouble with your methods of selling? You’ve lost sight of your basic laws of selling and you are violating one or more of the basic principles of selling. Adjust your methods to align with the bedrock basics and your troubles will cease.

I wrote this book to help working professionals recognize, understand, and apply the fundamental principles underlying all selling. Once they understood these laws, they could easily develop their own methods that worked.

The natural laws of selling underlie all sales practices and are the immutable axioms that will outlast any sales fashion or fad ever developed.

Here is an example of a basic principle (natural law) of selling:

Selling is always about people. No people = no sales.

If you understand people, you will understand selling. If you don’t understand people, you won’t understand selling. I can’t put it more clearly.

Here’s an example of another important principle:

Selling is about people; it’s not about you.

Your sales methods or techniques must align with and support this principle. If they don’t, you’re losing sales. You’ll never discover what you need to know about the customer if all your attention is on yourself. Get interested in them for a change. You already know all about yourself.

Here is one deserving of wider, current recognition:

Force creates resistance.

Just remember this: force = resistance. You’ve got enough to handle without creating more sales resistance than was there to begin with. Forcing the customer always creates resistance. Even if they pretend otherwise, they’ll never forget how you made them feel.

Finally, here is a well-worn example:

Honesty is the best policy.

It is well known that honesty engenders trust from others – and that this is one of the primary building blocks of any client relationships.

Some, however, have not recognized that the best and easiest way to generate trust from others is to trust you first.

And that happens only when you are being honest with yourself.

The focus of this book, The Natural Laws of Selling, is to help you understand the basic principles and see how these fundamental laws apply to all selling.

With this knowledge under your belt, you can develop methods of selling which align with the underlying principles.

This will put you on firm, stable ground for anything that comes up in the sales process.

And as any veteran salesperson knows, something always comes up.

daniel w. jacobs
(c) 2012-2030, all rights reserved


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