The Professional Buyer

“Don’t give me that touchy-feely BS, he said.  Just give me your best price. If it works for me, I’m interested, he said gruffly, otherwise, I’m busy.”

Have you ever run into this attitude from a prospect?

These types think they know more about your product or service than you do. Of course, sometimes, they do. But often it is just a façade. They’re trying to show you that they’re not a pushover.

Don’t confuse this with the real professional buyer. These are the veterans who been through it all before and know exactly what they want. Sometimes, they have a “been there – done that” type attitude, and take pride in this fact.

At times, it seems like they speak a different language that can be intimidating if you’re not prepared for it.

But don’t let this throw you.

Professional buyers know that inexperienced salespeople cannot handle the in your face type attitude. Often, this is just their way of separating the wheat from the chafe. It tells them whether it’s worth their time to deal with you.

But, you may be surprised that the professional buyer is actually easier and quicker to close on the deal than any other, if you’re prepared and know what you’re doing.

With this customer type, there is no slow, easy approach to the sale. You’d better know your business, because you could find yourself in a closing situation right off the bat.

The worst mistake you can make is to go to the meeting unprepared.

Be prepared to go big or go home.

This is where planning, preparation, and practice set you apart from the competition.

Be ready to think fast, act faster, and still hit the target

Information is power in this situation.

Do your research thoroughly. You’ll find out why they buy and what they buyin what quantities, at what price and so on. Get all the information you can. This fact alone will get their attention and distinguish you from the competition.

Above all, you can’t just wing it. You’re selling hard-hitting facts and figures that end up with a bottom line that they are interested in. If you can do this, you’re hitting them where they live.

But at the end of the day, professional purchasing agents are still just people. They respond to the same things all people do in terms of respect, interest, knowledge, skill, and professionalism. If you are respectful of their time and experience, it will show and you’ll be taken seriously.

Preparation and practice will give you the confidence you need to handle them every time.

Here are four points to remember when dealing with them:

1.Prepare. Do the research until you know their business, competition, and pressure points better than they do.

2. Show them you have what they need, before they know it.

3. Surprise them. Give them something they didn’t expect. Give them a reason to do business with you again. You’ll find a much more receptive audience next time.

They’re really easier to deal with than you think, once you speak the language.


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