The Road To Excellence

Something was missing; and studying yet another text on selling techniques, tactics, and sales methods “guaranteed” to close deals just wasn’t cutting it.

If this sounds familiar, you’ve come to the right place.

Whether you’re involved in sales as a profession or not, this book is for you – as we’re all involved in selling or being sold something every day of our lives.

These writings are not untried opinions; they are my observations of what works, based on over 25 years of hard-won, hands-on experience in the world of selling.

I set out to re-focus and underscore the common sense basics underlying all successful selling activities and provide new effective methods of applying this knowledge to the real world.

Through my studies and research, I discovered two important facts:

  1. The natural laws of selling do exist.
  2. Following these laws and principles revealed the road to excellence.

I named this discovery, The Straight-line Approach.

As the old saying goes, “How do you get from point A to point B”?  Answer: A straight line.

This approach is the most effective way to master the art and craft of selling, as it goes from point A to point B without distractions, diversions, or blind alleys that go nowhere. It also helps salespeople make the connection between them and the customer with overall efficiency.

I found also, that invariably, the road to excellence in any skill comes from mastery of the fundamentals – not in the acquisition of techniques.

It comes as no surprise that all great sages of history have come to similar conclusions. The difference however, is the specific application of these fundamentals to the profession of selling, designed to achieve a level of mastery attained by few.

Elite salespeople, the ones who have invested the time and effort to learn the laws and master their skills, will find much to agree with in this book. Many of the ideas and concepts are familiar but not underscored as to their importance. Other ideas are new and not seen in other texts on the subject.

Whether you are a seasoned veteran or not, you can find value in these writings. Simply choose any article that catches your attention, and you’ll find something meaningful that will help you with your sales today.

This book will help you become a savvy negotiator in getting the best deal you can, even if you’re not even actively involved in the business of sales.

Change is inevitable; this is a natural law. To maintain your balance and adapt to unanticipated changes, you need something secure and constant to rely upon.

This is why all the articles in this book are rooted in the immutable natural laws of selling.

You can adjust your techniques and tactics as dictated by technological advances and other changes, but leave the basic principles untouched and you’ll maintain your equilibrium and stability.

The road to excellence has but three primary guideposts you need to follow:

1. Knowledge of the natural laws of selling.

2. Workable methods, which align with the principles.

3. Focused, disciplined, practice, and persistence.

Mastery of all selling awaits.

daniel w. jacobs
© 2013 -2030, all rights reserved


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