The Secret Coin

You can’t buy it and you can’t sell it. It’s more valuable than gold. It’s invisible, intangible, and seemingly unattainable unless you’re born with it.

This secret coin has two sides of equal importance. One side is credibility and the other is expertise. Each side must be honestly earned for this coin to have any value.

Here’s how it works.

Credibility is trust. The basis of every successful sales relationship that you develop is trust. The observer accepts what you say as true and believable, or they don’t.

The root of the word credibility traces back to its Latin origins: ”to believe or trust.” It’s recognizable to anyone when it’s present and uncomfortably obvious when it’s not.

Fundamentally, it’s a perception, formulated by what someone thinks, feels and observes about you. It’s detectable yet untouchable, abstract but obvious at the same time, in short, you’ll know it when you see it.

When you’re selling a service, especially something intangible where there is no concrete evidence that it exists, customers liberally rely on impressions to establish a level of trust – something that is difficult to build and easy to destroy.

Trust is invisible and instinctive. When it exists, the manifestations are clearly in evidence. You’ll see it when the prospect begins to relax and feel comfortable with you.  But it can’t be rushed or compelled. Trust must be given freely or not at all. It simply can’t be forced on anyone.

Once trust is established, confidence will emerge. Confidence is a conscious decision more than it is instinctive. It is built largely on good reasons, definite evidence, or past experience.

An expert is an individual who is very knowledgeable, skilled, experienced and able to demonstrate effortless competence in a certain field.

Like credibility, expertise is a subjective perceptions based on opinions and feelings rather than objective facts or evidence. And what you’re saying is often less important than how you’re saying it.

If you can express yourself with clarity, simplicity and humanity to people in a language they can understand and use, you’re an expert, at least to them. Curiously, when everyone agrees that you’re an expert – you are an expert and you gain credibility.

a. As you strengthen your expertise, you increase your credibility.

b. As you increase credibility, you become perceived as an expert.

A Credible Expert

Being seen as a credible expert is an unbeatable combination and increases your value exponentially. It is worth working for.

The secret that makes this coin so important is that these qualities are inextricably intertwined. Each side depends the other for its value. When both sides are equally balanced, the intrinsic value is infinite.

Which is precisely what every salesperson needs – and coincidentlyexactly what every customer wants.

daniel w.jacobs
(c) 2007-2030, all rights reserved


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