The Secret of Sales Greatness

I love the feeling of a jolt of creativity, hitting me when I least expect it, especially when accompanied by a bolt of inspiration at the same time. This is exactly what happened to me recently.

On a flight returning to Los Angeles from the East coast, I was working on my computer trying to finish a new sales article. A passenger next to me noticed what I was writing and commented that he too was involved in sales.

I looked over as he started to introduce himself.

Wait a minute,” I said. “You’re Tom Hopkins, the King of Sales. Of course I know who you are.” (Loud enough to interest even the passengers back in coach).

Indulging my over-exuberance, he politely accepted my compliment. We proceeded to have a pleasant and enlightening conversation. I had already read his book – widely considered the “Sales Bible” – and explained that I had established a hugely successful, international sales force based largely upon the principles outlined in his books.

I was struck by the fact that Tom was friendly and sincerely interested in everything I had to say. This alone caused me to be more interested in him and what he was saying.

Our brief interchange confirmed for me why he is so successful in his chosen profession as a salesman and author. I also noticed one important thing: He sounds like he writes and writes like he sounds – just by being himself.

It was in that instant that I realized what made him a sales master. He was able to get me to like him and trust him instantly, while doing nothing else than just being himself.

He also demonstrated the truth of one of the most basic principles of selling: Sell yourself first. Being you and being sinceerly interested in the customer is the first step of any sale process.

Selling is both an art and a science
The fundamental principles don’t change, but the methods of applying them are unique to the individual.

Principles are why something works. Methods are how those principles are applied. Success comes from knowing the principles, then learning or developing your own methods of applying them.

The principles of selling are not true because I say they are; they are true because they are the basic, self-evident axioms of the subject; timeless and unchanging.

Once you see the proven principles for yourself, they become your own – part of your “sales DNA.” You can then develop your own methods of applying them, effortlessly.

Now, here is the secret of sales greatness:

  1. Be true to yourself.
  2. Know, understand, and apply the basic principles of selling.
  3. Develop your own methods.

Now it’s yours; to understand, practice and use.

daniel w. jacobs
(c) 2005-2020, all rights reserved


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