Unanswered Communication

OK, it’s time to get something off my chest.

Don’t you think it’s maddening how some people rarely respond to anything? And even if they do grace you with an answer, it seems automated – as if they never glanced at the mail or listened to the message you sent them.

So, what’s up with this anyway?

With more forms of communication available to us than at any time in history it seems like the unanswered communication wouldn’t be a problem, but it is, and it’s getting worse.

Some people seem to think that a communication is complete when they’ve read or heard what you sent and that it requires nothing further from them. All too often, the acknowledgements that issue from some people are as unsatisfying as they are inadequate.

It’s my opinion that any unanswered communication leaves your attention stuck in a mystery sandwich wondering if they even got your message. It acts like a mental post-it note in your mind reminding you that the communication is still incomplete.

Eventually it can become a hidden attention magnet that grabs even more attention every time you think about it.

The punch line is that the unanswered communication is only a symptom of a larger and far more serious problem.

Every salesperson knows – or should know – that communication is the exchange of information between people resulting in a sense of mutual understanding and shared agreement.

An acknowledgment is some sign or indication showing that you’ve been heard, a response that indicates you’re sensing, feeling or seeing the same thing at the same time. It could be sometime as subtle as a knowing nod, a smile, and a pat on the back, anything that lets the other person know he or she exists and has been heard.

The underlying problem is this: When you drop humanity from the equation you don’t have communication. And as a salesperson, you won’t have sales either.

The lack of an acknowledgment is basically the visible warning sign of a world growing more and more out of communication. Not a happy circumstance for the future.

Perhaps drawing some attention to the area, as a recognition that a very real problem does exist regarding the unanswered communication, is necessary before any change is possible.

This short article then is, I hope, at least a start in the right direction at least.

daniel w. jacobs
©2007-2030, all rights reserved


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