The Little Black Book of Selling


It was our secret sales weapon; custom-tailored to help increase sales results with less effort.

 It started out with an examination of our current sales training program, and then throwing out what didn’t work and underscoring what did. Next, I began writing articles on an ad hoc basis in response to specific situations or problems that salespeople encountered.

This is how these articles became part of a tool-kit for ready-reference known as the little black book of selling.

The writings were careful scrutinized by seasoned salespeople, who were quick to tell me when anything was slightly off the mark. They did not need or want speculative theories or untried methods that would only reshuffle the deck. The focus had to be on practical tools that they could use today.

I listened, learned, and adjusted each article to reflect exactly how selling was done in the real world.

Without exception, the sales closings statistics of each sales rep soared and stabilized at a level at least twice their previous high with half the effort. As you can imagine, the morale was high.

With this book, “The Natural Laws of Selling” I decided to follow the same pattern as I originally intended – a journal of sales articles for ready use in the real world of professional selling.

This book is laid out so that you can pick out any article that catches your attention and you’ll gain something that you can use today to help you seal more deals with less effort.

Read, learn, practice and apply, and you’ll quickly begin to enjoy all the success that you deserve.

daniel w. jacobs
(c) 2012 – 2030, all rights reserved


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