There Are No Secrets

There are no secrets left in the world of sales.

The basic principles of selling haven’t changed since they were first discovered. Any changes that have occurred are found in refinements in methods of application, communication and application of the basic fundamentals.


This is because a basic discovery is something that changes a whole industry or way of doing something. What comes next are the countless ways of applying that technology.

For example, in 1885, Gottlieb Daimler invented what is often recognized as the prototype of the modern gas engine – with a vertical cylinder, and with gasoline injected through a carburetor. This was a basic discovery. Setting aside sophisticated refinements and improvements, the same idea is used in cars produced today.

The discovery of the law of gravity was also a basic discovery. This basic law hasn’t changed, but the applications of this discovery are endless.

This has also occurred in the world of selling.

The secret is out as the basic knowledge of how to succeed in sales is not new. Many others have discovered the secret, many others have also written about it.

This book is different only in that it spotlights the important fundamental principles of all selling.

It was designed to communicate this information with simplicity, clarity and brevity so you can grasp, understand and apply this knowledge. If my writing contacts and connects with you to convey my message then you will become a better salesman as a natural consequence of reading my work.

People haven’t changed in their basic nature since the very beginning. They act and re-act in very much the same ways as they always have. They have fundamentally the same challenges and problems that they’ve always had. The labels we put on those problems and the methods used to handle them may change, but the causes of stress in people’s lives remains unchanged.

Selling is a people business. The more you understand about people, the better you’ll understand selling. If you have difficulties dealing with people, you’ll have problems in selling.

As with most basic truths, it’s pretty simple: Mastering the mystery of selling starts with understanding people.

The more you understand about people, the better you’ll understand selling.

daniel w. jacobs
© 2009-2030, all rights reserved


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