Three classes of People

There are people simply do not see what they are looking at.

Even when it’s obvious or pointed out to them, they either refuse or are unable to see it. There are various reasons for this such as individual  prejudices, preferences, fixed ideas, habits and other influences. But for our purposes, I believe these words from Leonardo da Vinci summarize it best:

“There are three classes of people:

1) Those who see.

2) Those who see when they are shown.

3) Those who do not see.”

You’re wasting your time in trying to sell anything to the third class of people, those who do not see.

These people have no foresight and no imagination. They are impossible to sell to.  Don’t waste your energy as these people start with a firm attitude of, “I don’t know” and no matter what you do, they end up with an equally firm, “I don’t know.” They remain unaffected by anything you tell or show them. Why should this surprise you? They can’t see!

The first two classes however, can be sold something.

The people in class one – those who can see – are at once your easiest to get interested but sometimes your hardest to close. They can see, which gives them imagination and vision. But sometimes they are hard to nail down. They start out wanting what you’re presenting but before you know it, they’re on to something else, leaving you with no sales-close. Their imagination runs away with both them and your sale.

Those in class two, those who see when they are shown, will respond to stories, demonstrations and interaction with your service or product.  Engage them, get them “behind the wheel” so they experience the benefit for themselves and they can be sold with less effort than the other two classes.

To maximize your returns on investment of time and energy, learn to tell the difference between the three classes. Then pick your battles and you’ll end up with much better results.

daniel w. jacobs
(c) 2009-2030, all rights reserved



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