Timeless Selling Tips

Dan with Jag at GG Bridge1.  Keep the customer satisfied – help them get what they want and deliver what you promise.

2.  All things not being equal, people would still rather do business with people they like.

3.  Smile and mean it. Don’t talk about your troubles. Never complain. Never bad-mouth the competition.

4.  Be honest and worthy of trust; never promise what you can’t deliver.

5.  When possible, dress like them, talk like them, but still be yourself.

6.  Demonstrate your competence, don’t talk about it.

7.  Don’t tell them – show them.

8.  Listen more than you talk; even if you can talk, should you? Are you really interested?

9.  Like and trust yourself first and they’ll trust you.

10. Care for the customer through the whole selling process from start to finish.

11. Find what you have in common. People like people who like them.

12. Listen to learn. Learn to lead.

13. Sell the dream not the product.

14. People only buy what they see as a benefit.

15. Logic tells. Stories sell.

16. There are three closes in every sale: sales close, legal close, the administrative close.

17. What’s important is not how well you talk, but how well you listen.

18. Personal contact are the best selling tool you have.

19. People never forget how you made them feel, for better or for worse.

20. You’re not selling something they can touch, you’re selling something they can feel.

21. Interest, directed by concern or curiosity, attracts attention.

22. Attention is like a spotlight. Wherever you shine it, tends to attract attention. Keep your attention on them.

23. Selling is about the people: Understand people and you’ll understand selling.

24. The principles of selling are far more important than the techniques.

25. Focus on the basic laws of selling first then develop your own methods.

daniel w. jacobs
© 2009-2030, all rights reserved


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